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Well if she's a villain I won't have any problem hating her..... character.
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The mark of a good actor. Setting terms on a role.

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I can't wait for it.

On the flip side tho - this is just poster #2. All the others have been fan art.
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"title treatment"


Even if this was TDKR I would be like....

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Pointless or not - still pretty cool.

We're all gonna flip when the "new" Batman logo comes out for B3. Won't be any less pointless but still. I think I made a point in there.... somewhere....................... maybe.
Scott Pilgrim is getting unfairly raped. Out of all these movies it is easily the one i could watch back2back2back and not be bored.

Inception was great and I could watch it every day, but it was no way as entertaining as Scott Pilgrim.

Just saying. Give Pilgrim this one. The effects are in fact the best and it was robbed in all the other categories.
Andrew Kosarko wrote a comment about the news item IMAX Doubles Box Office Grosses in 2010
Dear Christopher Nolan,

Thank you.

No no... we can pretty much assume 3D is gonna happen with this.

Diagma, I thought the exact same thing.
3D with natural light.....

*head desk*

Someone apparently doesn't know what they're doing.
First the Dark Knight stuntman dies on set and now this.

Something tells me WB doesn't have the best people supervising on their stunt teams.
So after pissing off fans with the whole "Volume" B.S. with season 1 and then the complete season release with better bonus features and also un-equal pricing splits...

they're trying to do it again?

Screw you Fox Home Video.
it's been ripped down because it was fake.

*headdesk* is less reliable than IMDB.
Never gonna happen.

- Jow
I think I already have this on Blu-ray...

*checks binder*

Uh... no wait. My bad. Avatar.
No Wheadon, no way.

- Jow

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