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Dear Movieweb, I'm really getting tired of the audio ads playing on the site. I'm already looking for a replacement site just so I don't have to deal with them anymore.
Given Ford's ideas about Han's fate in 'Jedi', I wouldn't be surprised if he required that his character gets off'd in this film.
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To be honest, I loved the film in theaters. It was absolutely fantastic.

However, I live in New England and because of all the snow I have been unable to go to work for the past week and then today. This is going to effect my income and I really won't be able to justify spending money on a blu-ray to my wife. I really hope I can win it so I don't have to. Thanks, MovieWeb, keep up the good work.
So.... it's treating the TDK trilogy as cannon... but picking and choosing the cannon....

that would make it "not cannon."

Seriously, this is just fanboy drivel. Come on now. Report news, not horsesh*t.
....... I can't tell if you're joking with me or a complete idiot.
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Not a mockumentry. This is good.
1) She was incredible in TDKR and Mutant is talking out of his ass.
2) She hasn't won an Oscar...... yet.
The fact that Seven Psychopaths is nowhere on any of these good lists is a damn shame.
Oh look, another sh*tty indie film with anti-superhero commentary.

I'm bored already.
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You guys are kind of daft. The whole marketing of this film is to MAKE you wonder if he'll die. That's the subtle draw they're instilling in audiences. "I gotta see this! I wanna know if he dies!"

It's genius. And it won't be answered till we see the movie. So sit tight and enjoy the last 2 months of build up to our last (cries) Nolan Bat-film.
it's on the website. Poster 3.
F*ck sony and nbc.
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One day, B. Allen Orange is going to piss people off with these bullsh*t article titles for Page hits and people are going to stop visiting the site.

Have some freaking responsibility when reporting guys, come on now.
Lucasfilm all up on dat merchandising
Dear Movieweb: There is a difference between script pages and a transcript done on movie writing software. Please take your time to educate yourself with the difference.
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I grew up with these movies. I would literally watch them back to back to back to back and repeat them. I can quote every one of them from start to finish. Hell, I can close my eyes and watch the original trilogy in my head. In high school, I used to make short Scream fan films for my AV class. On opening night, I saw Scream 4 3 times back to back to back. And then 3 more times over the weekend. Sadly, as the year has gone on, finances have been hurting and while I will no doubt eventually get this film on Blu-ray from someone for Christmas... I really don't want to wait that long.

Please. For the love of God, pick me.
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aaaaaaand in 2012, Batman returns and rises to the top again. Enjoy your time at the top of the mountain wizard boy.
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In case you haven't noticed.... MovieWeb is not better than this. *sigh*

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