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He's 15,but he thinks he's
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Sorry about the school thing,guess I didn't make myself clear on that one,I was referring to my son.
Happy to say no more school for
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I guess now that school is back in the only thing I have to look forward to is getting out on the weekend to go boating.Florida was our big thing this year.I have read a lot of reviews on the G.I.Joe movie.And it seems that the people who follow the whole comic book thing don't care for it.I am one of those who does not read those,so I really liked it.I thought it had a lot of good action scenes and just enough comedy to make it a really good movie,but that is me.What did you think?
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Ya,that was my least favorite part as
Guess you take the good with the bad.Looking back,I should have been a bit of nerd myself.I just did enough to get through.If I knew then what I know now,I might not have played around as much as I did.Oh well,you live and you learn.Plan on doing anything else before school?
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I here ya.What are you looking forward to the most,seeing you friends or the work?I have to admit school was a fun time for me as well,but I played around a lot.Wish I had taken it a little more seriously.
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I bet it is.It has always been one of my favorite things to do(getting a cabin were I can take my boat and just have fun),although I have always had to rent.Maybe one day I will be able to afford one of my own.Summer is coming to an end,when do you have to go back to school?
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Man a cabin by the lake,my dream.
OK,so what is it and were did you put
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4th was great!Bought a few fireworks,BBQed,drank a little and hung out with a few friends.Could have saved my money though on the
Their was this guy across the street from me that had two pick-ups full of fireworks,the big ones like they use in a city fireworks display.He fired off fireworks none stop for about 35 to 40 minutes.It was awesome.So what have you been up to?Not much with me,just work.It has been raining a lot on the weekends around here,so I haven't been able to get out on me boat.Looks like this weekend will be dry,so I might be able to get out this weekend.
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I saw Terminator and Transformers,liked them both a lot.I haven't seen the others,I will probably wait for them on DVD.How was your 4th,any fireworks?
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Wanted to ask you a few questions.who is your favotie actor and actress?And what are your favorite kind of movies?Speaking of movies,have you seen any new ones?My favorite actors are Brad Pitt,Johnny Deep,Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson.My favorite actresses are Angelina Jolie,Marisa Tomei,Jodie Foster and Jessica Alba.
why is the alien thing such a big deal?? So what?
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I agree abrams should stay on...but I was disappointed that they made star trek and pretty much threw away what was done in the past...though i understand that it was done so they didnt have to live up to that "legend" i was still disappointed
God I barely watch anything on that list...with the expection of supernatural...and smallville but at the rate thats going im not likely to keep watching
total voyager comparison...its even the third installment...the whole premise is to find their way voyager...they are lost, voyager was lost...and there's even a ship...and both sets of "crews" are explorers...
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I know what you mean.I can still here that music in my head just thinking about
What mountains did you go to and how was it?
I was in the Rocky's a couple of years ago,love it.Saw bears,deer and a bobcat.
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i did not like Daniel Craigs james bond in the first 007 movie he did....and the second wasnt that much better
damn...hella negativity on this page....but whatever everyone has a right to thier own opinion...anyway LaBeouf makes me laugh so ill see him
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Hey whats up ? U on here ?? Its been a while, just dropping by to say hey !!!
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Well I just got back,hope you had a good week.It was awesome down there,hated to come
Didn't do any surfing and after my last day,I may be glad I didn't.I don't know if it was a shark or not but I saw a dark shadow about 20 to 25 feet out moving down the beach line.There are a lot of sharks down there,but shark attacks are really rare.It is just because there are so many people in the water down there that sooner or later someone is bound to bet.Almost every time it happens it is a bite and release.Sharks don't have hands so when they want to see what something is they test it with a bite.No fun for the swimmer,but rarely fatal.Well enough with that,how has your week been going?