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alicejoe posted in the forum: A Wind Named Amnesia
I was introduced by a friend of this movie, and plan to watch it in the next days.
hope it is worth watching.
Can anyone tell me about the hospital that is shown on the House MD episodes? Is there really a hospital like that in NJ? If not, does anyone know where that building is? Thanks for your help. I lived in NJ, near Princeton nearly all my life and I'm so happy to see such a popular show located in NJ.

Oops! Never mind. I was able to find the answers during a search of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, which I learned does not actually exist. Apparently the building being shown is the Frist Building on the Princeton Univ. campus. Still a beautiful building. So glad they used one actually in NJ.
alicejoe posted in the forum: Babylon A.D.
seems good...

I will go to see it
I am not a fan of horrible movie. But I decide to see the good new movie!
The information you gave is too little. If could, please give more information, then I think there will be more people can help you.

I have watched many movies about dogs, now I list some of them, hope it will be helpful.


All About My Dog

Snow Dogs

Air Bud: Spikes Back

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

White Fang

Because of Winn-Dixie

101 Dalmatians

alicejoe posted in the forum: The Transporter 3
Jason Statham is very hot, now.

But I heard that he is a gay character. Does anybody know this?
Of course, Iron man!!

The two movies can't be compared!!

Iron Man is greater!!
alicejoe posted in the forum: Monk
Is there season 7 out?

Oh..I just watch the seasons 1-6. I like the tv series very much. It's very interesting.

I am late, I will search and watch the season 7 at once!
Superman returns is a good movie. I also like it.

I don't watch the Sci-Fi flicks this week.

But New Battlestar Galactica Season 4 is in promotion now. I am waiting for it. I think it's a good show.
alicejoe posted in the forum: Four Christmases

It seems good!

I think I should enjoy the movie with my family during christmas~ :tongue:
alicejoe posted in the forum: Cold Case
Why is there the same reply? But different ID?

Well, I like the show, it's a good crime show. I think the criminal minds is good,too. If you like the cold case, you may have a try the criminal minds. :smile:
alicejoe posted in the forum: great ideas...
Well, sounds good. I will have a look..

Thanks for sharing.
alicejoe posted in the forum: Princess
Well, sounds interesting. I will go to see the movie.

Thanks for the information!
alicejoe posted in the forum: Death Note: The Last Name
Good detective movie. I think everyone should try to watch it. It's very good!! Recommendation!!

But the better death note is tv series, I think the tv anime series is better than movie.
Well, bleach is one of my favorite anime. I am waiting for the new movie coming soon. But I am prefer to watching the japanese audio and I prefer to the tv series. The episode 194 is out, I just can't wait for the next episode...
alicejoe posted in the forum: Hello, everyone.
Hello everyone.

I am new to the fourm.

I am 24 years old now, and I like movie and tv very much.

I also like animation, I often cosplay the aniamtion characters.

alicejoe posted in the forum: Kung Fu Panda
I think it's a good movie, very interesting. But just a little disappointment.

The story is about kungfu and old china, but I think character of the panda is american style. It seems a little strange...

Well, I still like the movie, suitable for children and adult..


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