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the terminator salvation game looks pretty good even tho it neva showed any game play but i got 2 be hounest im not a fan of films adapted to video games i cant name any that are reli any good apart from the godfather.
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These actually look reli good
shes so fuking gorgeous
the Narrator   »  A-J
Nuthin much here. Just waiting for summer. You?
CB Junior   »  A-J
Nothing much. Im tryin to decide what to buy next... I would either get these three movies: the Fifth Element, the Good, Bad, and the Ugly, and Mystic River, or get Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5. any suggestions?
Lone Wolf   »  A-J
Yes, I also got "Killzone 2". YOU MST TRY THAT OUT!! It has the best graphics I have EVER seen. It's also the best first-person shooter of the decade, no questions asked.
CB Junior   »  A-J
hey whats up? You think Salvation will make more than 200 million
Lone Wolf   »  A-J
Hey man. I'm doing good. Love the profile by the way. I just know that "Salvation" is gonna be a thousand times better than that "Terminator 3" piece of crap. And yes, I've played "Resident Evil 5", just got it on tuesday; I already beat it yesterday, now I'm gonna go through it again to unlock everything and upgrade all of my weapons. I just unlocked this sweet, modified ".357 hand cannon".
GK   »  A-J
X-men Origins: Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and there's a lot more.
Lone Wolf   »  A-J
Hey A-J. Sorry I haven't talked to you for months. I haven't had the time to log on at home, but I have a study hall at school now and I always get my homework done ahead of time, so I get to log on during that time. So how have you been? Anything new in your life? I've noticed you haven't logged on to your "PS3 account" for a couple months now.
GK   »  A-J
Yeah. 2009 is a great year for movies isn't it?
the Narrator   »  A-J
Long time no talk. Nice avatar.
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I cant wait to see another spider man movie bring on 2011, not sure what to think about a new evil dead movie it wouldent be the same without bruce.
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Not to crazy about the new name but this shud be good.
GK   »  A-J
Nothing much going on for me. Your display pic is cool too.
GK   »  A-J
Hey A-J. Anthing new these days?
A-J reviewed the movie Watchmen

"A cool and bloody superhero epic."
No Absolutely not if they do this (which they wont anyway) they will hav screwed up yet agen another batman franchise, batman begins and the dark kngiht are 2 of the best superhero movies ever made and bale is a perfect bruce wayne he did a great job he dosent need to be replaced! if chris nolan returns to direct this will definetly not happen.
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I Knew this would happen sooner or later shud be good to see the outcome, but FF is a difficult film to make i mean hav u seen the villains from these comic books? what looks good in a comic is hard to portray on film but sayin that people said the same thing about other comic book movies like watchmen and the outcome to that was incredible looking fowrad to see what they do with this.
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Man ive always hated star trek and i nevar fort id hear mysefly say this but this actually looks realy good wither it is still remains to be seen but JJ is a good director.