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It's been an awesome journey. I feel lucky to have grown up with these books/films. A great story with great characters that will stay with me forever. Each film has improved on the last and the tone and maturity of each has grown with me and for this I'm so thankful. Thank you David Yates and all involved. The finale looks stunning.
The first movie is an absolute classic and the sequel - a pretty good follow up. Looking forward to this one.
Martin Freeman seems like a great choice. Hope this gives his career a well earned boost.
Liam Neeson thriller.. I'm in.
That was a cool scene. I liked it.
Yay! That's awesome news. Chuck is one of my favourite shows, it has great comedy, action, romance.. and a very loyal fan-base. So glad to see NBC's continued support for this quality show.
Absolutely loved the first one. The story, cast, music.. everything was perfect. Guy Ritchie's style of film making fit the character sooo well. I'm beyond excited to see the next instalment. Can't wait!
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Yeh it's definitely worth watching. It has a heart-warming central story, great characters, and plenty of hilarious moments throughout. Loving it so far. It was also the very first new show of 2010 to be given a full season greenlight by it's station.
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Imagine a Clark/Lois type bond, with the Dexter twist. That's what I hope Racheal (Stiles) and Dexter's relationship will develop into. They will form a very strong bond, and despite knowing what he does she will still fall in love with him, she'll protect his secret and try to help him with his urges.

If it turns out this is what the writers are going for I will be sooo happy. I really hope its not a pointless relationship that ends in her death one way or another. I think, after Lila (understanding but crazy) and Rita (loving but would never understand) it's time Dexter finds someone in between. Someone, in time, he can be completely comfortable and open with.
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I"ve watched every Smallville episode and continue to enjoy the show, but that doesn't mean I want to see the actors in the new Nolan/Snyder movie franchise. After watching only a few eps anybody should be able to see the limited range of expressions and emotions welling/durance are able to give off. I'd definitely like a tv-movie made when smallville finishes, and I think that wouldbe really cool. But the Nolan/Snyder movie franchise needs better performers IMO.
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Love it!
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Love it! The Rock and Action movies were made for each other. No more kids comedies pleeeeease.
Haven't played the games, but they look pretty sweet. Will be keeping an eye on this one.
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Yeh How To Train Your Dragon was great and I think this will definitely do as well, if not better. The trailers so far have been fantastic. I don't think there will be anything surprising about its success. Very much looking forward to this one.
That actually looked surprisingly entertaining, and had a fair few big names in it. I may check it out.
Yeh good on them! Wonder if this means they're going to re-print all the posters and billboards with the alteration. :S
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Another Jason Reitman move? Hell yes! Thank you for Smoking, Juno and Up in the Air are among my favourite films of all time. Charlize Theron is awesome. I won't be missing this one.
Sexy female villain FTW!
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Maybe its just because its late and my eyes are getting tired.. but that actually made me tear up a little. It looks absolutely amazing. I will not be missing this one.
[quote] @Mmm_mmm
You're video game still sucked Avatar. You'll never live that down. No matter how many discs are in your box set.[/quote]
Hehehe. Made me giggle. ^^


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