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thnks 4 the add
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie Cloverfield

"Cloverfield reminds me of the haunted house attractions I would go to as a kid. You essentially get strapped into a rickety old metal cart with a fraying seatbelt that has you feeling less than safe and sound. It's pitch black and all you can hear are the horrible moans of whatever is lingering in the dark. Cold mist splashes your face, and suddenly the ride picks up speed. It's now you realize you have no control over your fate - you're riding the rails at breakneck speed, and all you can do is hold on."
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie 30 Days of Night

""30 Days of Night" is a respectable adaptation of a chilling graphic novel. If you're not too grossed out by excessive blood and gore, then grab a ticket and enjoy a great horror flick perfect for the season. This is one vampire movie that doesn't suck."
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie Into the Wild

"It's probably the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen. If this movie doesn't pick up a handful of Oscars, there is no justice in this world."
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie The Brave One

""The Brave One" is dry and uninteresting, and while there are some good moments peppered throughout, overall this film is lacking in almost every department."

"The presence of some of the baddest bad guys in the cosmos: the Wraith"
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie Shoot 'Em Up

"If you're ready to sit back and enjoy an over-the-top popcorn flick, then go check out "Shoot 'Em Up." Sure it's unbelievable and overall senseless and without meaning but hey, it's a fond farewell to a summer that was nothing but senseless and effects-laden films anyway - so why not say goodbye in style?"
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie 3:10 to Yuma

"Full of tension and grit and pure awe - this is a stupendous "must-see" picture. I encourage everyone to give this film a look. I guarantee you'll never look at westerns the same."
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie Halloween

"If you're a fan of slasher films, then by all means give Halloween a look. It's big, loud and clumsy but it's a lot of fun too. It'll make you cringe and look away from the screen, and afterall - isn't that what you want out of a horror movie?"
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie Balls of Fury

"Don't bother with "Balls of Fury." Save your eight bucks for something a bit more entertaining, like perhaps 16 games of Skee-Ball -then you're guaranteed to get something in return - like some tickets you can cash in for a spider ring or at least some Smarties."
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie The Bourne Ultimatum

"Third time is a charm for this amnesiac assassin - 'Ultimatum' is easily the best of the series."
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie Hot Rod

"Complete with a ridiculously radical synthesizer score and plenty of training (and dancing) montages, 'Hot Rod' has a big heart and will fulfill your cravings for sweet summer randomness."
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i just hang out at the boys and girls club!
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oh wow its cool
Adam Frazier reviewed the movie The Simpsons Movie

"Go out and see the Simpsons Movie immediately! Even for newcomers to the series (are there such people?) this film holds its own and will satisfy your need to laugh."
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time is a film played backward   »  Adam Frazier
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"All in all, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' is a worthy addition to the Potter film franchise. Those looking for a darker, more somber approach to the wizarding world need only purchase a ticket."
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Dude. i loved transformers almost as much as your review. I was stoked all the way through. Now I am ready for some good horror movies to come out.
Adam Frazier wrote a comment about the news item Christian Bale Talks a 3rd Batman Movie
I cannot wait for this film - most wanted of 2008!