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Likely 100% not going to happen, but the fact it's even being discussed around the web as a possibility just shows how lame Spider-Man has become.
He needs to be in something bigger and better than suicide squad, even apocolypse is barely that much of a tent pole project
Keanu reeves please.
Hugh Jackman will be 76 by the time they make a damn Deadpool movie.
She's bad in comedy.
The photoshop makes them look like dorks.
Megan Fox's expressions so far consist of "expressionless mouth breather" and "alarmed mannequin". At least the turtles look cool.
@CoreyB I haven't heard the "loser fanboy" complaint about Sigourney Weaver not showing up; peoples' problems were more along the lines of these:
Dwayne Johnson as the Wolverine? I can't believe that thought actually went through someone's head. Then to go as far as to suggest him in a wig like it'd look normal...god, that's just terrible.
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Why should fans waste any more time with Lost? Haven't the writers put them through enough boredom with 0 payoff?
I hope this ends up happening and Bale gets the critical praise and award nominations that Kutcher didn't.
Crap posters for another crap movie.
I'm surprised how Pattinson has been able to succeed far past Twilight. I mean just look at how Taylor Lautner's career has gone up in smoke. Just shows that Pattinson actually has talent.
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I'd never think of him for the role but now I'm hoping he gets it.
@gandoff To embarrass Ashton Kutcher lol
@2movieguys I thought it was good but kept wondering when the film everyone was raving about was going to show up. I guess I got my expectations high, but it's hard not to when every critic gives the impression that the humor is fast paced and plentiful for adults as well as children. The laughs weren't that frequent at all for me and that's where I ultimately felt short-changed.
"Stirring the pot" is just a nice way of saying "You're begging for traffic"
@mka47 The version in the trailer wasn't the Hoff's version so....yea....
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I can't decide whether to not watch this because of Shia Labeouf, or to not watch it because the trailer makes me feel like taking a shower.
Awesome cast


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