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aceinthehole12 wrote a comment about the news item Last Call with Carson Daly Renewed by NBC
When this show first started I hated it, but then they switched up the format and now I find myself watching everynight(when it's new) after Fallon.
I'll be watching this cause so many BSG alum are part of it. I still wish RDM was involved in Blood & Chrome though.
Here's to hoping series six is better than five.
aceinthehole12 wrote a comment about the news item Paul Red Band Trailer
this looks epic.
@brian I agree with you. I loved every film up for Best Picture...I am pulling for Social Network, but expecting King's Speech to win. Don't really care too much about the rest cause I think all of the 'favorites' should win. But I will be upset if The Social Network doesn't net adapted screenplay.
I've just recently watched BSG over again from the beginning. Such a great series...I enjoyed Caprica cause I wasn't really expecting that much of BSG to be in it....but this has me as excited as I was watching the BSG two hour pilot back in 2003.
aceinthehole12 wrote a comment about the news item Super 8 Super Bowl XLV TV Spot
Damn this teaser. I've been excited for this movie for some time now. This is gonna make the wait til June almost impossible. Calling it now of the summer.
aceinthehole12 wrote a comment about the news item Skins in Danger of Being Canceled
I watched five minutes of this the other's a steaming pile of crap like everything else on MTV (aside from anything dealing with Rob and Big and maybe some True Life). Cancel it and put more music on Music TeleVision.
very good news ! Can't wait for these
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I really hope the next season of Weeds is the last.
hopefully this doesn't get canceled after one season. Looks like it could be interesting.
aceinthehole12 wrote a comment about the news item Stargate Universe Canceled by Syfy
I actually liked this show a lot. Kind of had too much of a BSG feel for me though. Sad to see the Stargate franchise end. I grew up watching the movie/shows.
well Iron Man 3 is gonna suck more than two did. Pass.
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you would think the emmy winning show wouldnt lose its thursday night slot....
aceinthehole12 wrote a comment about the news item Rubicon Canceled by AMC
Yeah, I personally loved this show but I just don't think it really found an audience and it's hard to be on a channel with MadMen and Breaking Bad and now The Walking Dead and pull in bad ratings....tough break. I was really looking forward to season two.
Louisiana !? Boooo. I live near Downers Grove...would have been nice to catch a glimpse of these beautys.


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