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lame arguments.....just wait for the movie, have ur opinion, take an envelope, place opinion in the envelope, seal it neatly, fold the overall envelope and shove it where the sun never shines.
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Batmobile Revealed on Batman Vs. Superman Set!
pls tomorrow let there be light on this batmobile :D
im not sure whether this pic of matt and ben is latest or not but one thing for sure, Ben does look like he could do well as bruce wayne :P
Yikes!!!!....this is deep man....
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Nooo!!!!!.....damn this sucks....
lol...she looks like that hybrid from the movie splice
i have the same look on my face as will arnet is as soon as i saw that photo :P
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Second X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Is Here!
this trailer makes me wanna be a mutant :D
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and here we go again....
this might be interesting. they did the same with arnie in terminator salvation
how about Richard Armitage :). hes doing a pretty fine job in the hobbit.
as long as he's able to turn his head...and i can picture ben affleck's chin on this one :)
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Second Godzilla Trailer!
i gotta need an extra pair of pants for this movie
"fury's last words" could even mean something maybe before hes injured he says something to cap america.....and then he goes into some sort of coma but then again its just a guess. I'm sure marvel have some tricks up their sleeves.
i can totally see jesse playing lex...mind bending choice :P.....but he needs to work on his voice....not the squeaky sh*t
scarlett johansson posing like wtf....doesnt suit the poster...though cap's updated suit looks great :D
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item 47 Ronin Trailer Starring Keanu Reeves! always...he's "THE ONE" :P
Well I still feel that they shouldn't rush on this....


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