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this might be interesting. they did the same with arnie in terminator salvation
how about Richard Armitage :). hes doing a pretty fine job in the hobbit.
as long as he's able to turn his head...and i can picture ben affleck's chin on this one :)
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Second Godzilla Trailer!
i gotta need an extra pair of pants for this movie
"fury's last words" could even mean something maybe before hes injured he says something to cap america.....and then he goes into some sort of coma but then again its just a guess. I'm sure marvel have some tricks up their sleeves.
i can totally see jesse playing lex...mind bending choice :P.....but he needs to work on his voice....not the squeaky sh*t
scarlett johansson posing like wtf....doesnt suit the poster...though cap's updated suit looks great :D
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item 47 Ronin Trailer Starring Keanu Reeves! always...he's "THE ONE" :P
Well I still feel that they shouldn't rush on this....
One point I don't understand, why aren't the filmmakers making a straight up sequel to MOS...why side track??
Eff yeah......please what robert downey jr. did....sign up for another 2 movies as the same superhero....
@josh Not based on age mate, based on looks cuz seriously either her make up artist is bad or she looks matured. Though im surprised she's just 21. Nice!!
She even looks a bit old for playing MJW...thank God she's fired
LOL....Prison Break dads
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Mark Strong Wanted as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2!
Mark Strong playing the character of Lex would be amazing but weird at the same time since he already played Sinestro. Anyways as for both @Chris-Tanakis and @andrew Francis dont compare Batman to Superman....since batman doesnt have any super powers Chris Nolan did a fine job in creating a universe around him. Though TDKR did had huge plot holes that we wouldnt expect from Chris Nolan, however, the overall movie was not bad. As for MOS, well since he has such amazing super powers, they made a great movie based on how much potential this superhero has. Last thing I want to see is MOS being as darker as TDK & TDKR.
great....another kristen stewart....pokerface
when i saw the question mark pic, i thought the cameo will be the riddler.....silly me :P
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Hope it gets pushed all the way back to 2000 and f*cking never :P
that awkward moment when voldermort is the new MI6's M :P
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Transformers: Dark of the Moon Ironhide Toy Photos
I watched the trailer of transformers 3 on 3d while watching tron...and all i could say is.....F*CKING glad they are releasing it on get 2 see each and every detail of the transformers upclose and personal :P......


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