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Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer Is Here!
im not yet convinced. guess i would have to take the leap of faith on this one.
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four Trailer Is Here!
the teaser showed mostly scenic views. either the filmmakers are smart to not show any action and give a typical tease to the audience or there is far less action in this movie to show.

i honestly think this movie will get a 65 to 70% on rotten tomatoes. it will be an alright film. way too serious man. i mean its comic books. i dont know why a serious tone is added to most of the comic book movies these days.
i can totally see her as harley quinn. shes awesome, hope this doesnt screw up
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Joss Whedon Doesn't Want to Direct Avengers 3 and 4
one question: how is sony related to the news of the russo brothers being the directors of the avengers infinity sequels?
he did say something right about nolans batman, the fight sequences werent that good. lets see what this movie brings to us. cant wait...
no harm done as he had done an amazing portrayal of superman. however i fail to understand why most people didnt like man of steel. i mean cmon the movie was made based on his super abilities. you cannot ground the character more than they already try to do. superman returns sucked monkey balls for sure as i had too much expectations only to see drama most of the time.

but who am i to blame, everyone has the right to their opinion :)
if braniac will be the main nemesis then wont that be like "age of ultron". i dunno im just guessing.
well to be honest, there wont be any issue in casting her as long as she doesnt play any superhero part such as ms marvel, etc. but then again, what role will she play and will she even consider it.

by the looks of the comment she gave, im guessing she wants to sign those multiple movie deals.

@jeff "The Dude" Lebowski
lmfao...ur comment was exactly on my mind when i was reading this article :P
when the reboot was announced, everybody was looking forward to it till they took on michael b jordan as the human torch. im not being all racist but lets face it, ever since that news, people have been giving their negative comments throughout.

however i dont know why i feel this movie will do JUST decent.
TDKR at 88 percent...Ohh pls it should be lesser. Didn't like that part at all.
to be honest it would be a waste to release a teaser. avengers 2 will anyways release alot quicker and will receive more attention. but it wont harm to have an early glimpse :D
the concept of building up for sinister six had true potential. and then everything went down the drain with TAS 2...feel so disappointed in this....i hope they dont make any more films and leave spiderman for a decade or so...
is it me or does thor look thin in that pic.
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Game of Thrones Season 5: What We Already Know
Jaqen H'ghar only appeared in seasons 1 and 2, not season 3. MW should get their facts straight.
@ObiWanShinobi yeah ur right...He does it pretty well with the American accent. And I believe he can pull off the role quite well.
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine to Cameo in Deadpool
i was about to say the same thing @mapkoc
haha...same here @bellandedward1
"We need a new army" - gosh i love his one liners....i need optimus prime as a gps navigator :D
lame arguments.....just wait for the movie, have ur opinion, take an envelope, place opinion in the envelope, seal it neatly, fold the overall envelope and shove it where the sun never shines.
Aamiros wrote a comment about the news item Batmobile Revealed on Batman Vs. Superman Set!
pls tomorrow let there be light on this batmobile :D


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