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TDKR at 88 percent...Ohh pls it should be lesser. Didn't like that part at all.
to be honest it would be a waste to release a teaser. avengers 2 will anyways release alot quicker and will receive more attention. but it wont harm to have an early glimpse :D
the concept of building up for sinister six had true potential. and then everything went down the drain with TAS 2...feel so disappointed in this....i hope they dont make any more films and leave spiderman for a decade or so...
is it me or does thor look thin in that pic.
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Jaqen H'ghar only appeared in seasons 1 and 2, not season 3. MW should get their facts straight.
@ObiWanShinobi yeah ur right...He does it pretty well with the American accent. And I believe he can pull off the role quite well.
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i was about to say the same thing @mapkoc
haha...same here @bellandedward1
"We need a new army" - gosh i love his one liners....i need optimus prime as a gps navigator :D
lame arguments.....just wait for the movie, have ur opinion, take an envelope, place opinion in the envelope, seal it neatly, fold the overall envelope and shove it where the sun never shines.
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pls tomorrow let there be light on this batmobile :D
im not sure whether this pic of matt and ben is latest or not but one thing for sure, Ben does look like he could do well as bruce wayne :P
Yikes!!!!....this is deep man....
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Nooo!!!!!.....damn this sucks....
lol...she looks like that hybrid from the movie splice
i have the same look on my face as will arnet is as soon as i saw that photo :P
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this trailer makes me wanna be a mutant :D
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and here we go again....


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