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Time for a reboot
Maybe just ease into it... Like Johnny Storm pops up in an X film... I dunno. Fox gonna Fox.
Thanks Inspector Gadget
Ooh... Can I get in on this? Looks great guys
Del Toro could certainly run with this!
Howie Mandel has worn a bald head before... Why hasn't his name come up for Luthor?
Fantastic! This is exactly the kind of film Earth needs.
Zach Chappelear wrote a comment about the news item 5 Star Wars Origin Movies We Want to See
Star Wars Origins: Cantina Band
Star Wars Origins: Jar Jar Binks
Star Wars Origins: ID-88
Star Wars Origins: Sarlacc Pit Monster
Way to be about the people Aquaman
@Mutant I enjoyed them as well. I just think the slow no is no good for supes. It was great for 300
I'm not certain I like this. All the slow mo of Watchmen and 300 doesn't seem fitting for Super Man
Freddy vs Jason owned!
Glenn would be great! The joker has already D.E.N.N.I.S'd Bats good!
Sure... Why not...
It definitely was the surprise last summer. Regret not seeing it at the theater.
Pouches & tiny/nonexistent feet
Oh wow....
Ultraviolet sucks.

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