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I liked the EX2, but EX1 was much better. I hope for better fights in EX3. That last fight in EX2 was pretty tame and too short.
Wow! That is world's better casting than Bardem. Javier is a great actor, but not even close to correct casting for Roland. Crowe or Viggo Mortensen I could totally buy, though.
Oh really? That's horrible. I think most people don't want to see a sequel on this movie especially one made by Scott. Damon may be taking most of the blame, but Ridley had ultimate control and blew it. I would rather see AVP3 than Prometheus 2 at this point. Very lame news!
So we are now ripping off Resident Evil marketing virals now? Too bad Prometheus was so terrible. It could have been great.
Speaking of Mariachis, it would rock if Rodriguez would make a Machete/El Mariachi crossover movie. That could be totally epic, even though EL killed Machete's doppleganger in Desperado.
This is a dumb idea. They should introduce more characters in the DC verse before doing a JLA movie. Too bad the DC animated division isn't in control of the live action one. They always produce quality work.
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