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This is going to be a definitive Superman film. I like how they are taking some inspiration too from the John Bryne comics of the 80s, and making Superman more Badass. Though Reeves will always be in my heart, since I was 3 years old. Join our great MOS community on FB. almost a thousand members, all excited for this one! m/groups/manofsteelofficialcommunity/
"The second photo gives us a look at Murphy's Combat Mode suit, which is capable of transforming into various vehicles" - UNTRUE that's misunderstood info. A source said he'd 'transform' from social mode to combat mode. Robo does NOT turn into a vehicle. The EM-208 is also NOT robocop 1.0 it's a ground soldier to accompany the ED-209. Really, get your info straight dude!
No thanks. What is supes gonna do, teach Batman to glide better? what is Bats gonna teach Superman, how to meditate, or use his mind more? He's friggin indestructible with advanced Krytonian knowledge. Bad bad idea..these crossovers water down the heroes. What's this supposed to be, like a superhero Lethal Weapon? dislike.
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