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Movies, especially those of the horror genre, are my life, and I have never won any online contests before. So it would be so satisfying to win any of these great prizes. I love your facebook page, because i always read about something interesting. Winning would mean the world to me, but if someone else, who wants it just as bad, gets it, it doesnt matter to me, as long as someone worthy gets it.
I can't believe the amount of bullsh*t I just read, where does Scott get off on the idea that that many people are interested in what happens to Shaw, screw her, why not diverge in closing the gap between Prometheus and Alien because clearly, if you've seen the film, there's still quite a large amount of space to be filled. Another thing that I, and I'm sure most if not all Alien fans, want to see is a complete and sensible timeline stretching from the AVP film to the Predator films, to the Alien films. Two more movies should be made one before the first AVP(possible title being "AVP:The First Hunt"), both explaining the actual Alien origin/first Alien creation and explaining how the Predators know the species so well. The second in-between Prometheus and Alien(possible title being "Xenomorph") to fill the gap, and reveal more about the Alien's life cycle and evolution.
although this one is fake, i did see an actual tv spot last night during the walking dead season 2 finale, and it was awesome.
i still think there are some other connections that scott doesn't want to reveal, like maybe an appearance by the xenomorph species(aliens)
i agree with sunrider
who gives a flying f*** about a tintin sequel, jurassic park 4 on the other hand could use another sequel or two, done right of course.

i'd even be fine with a good reboot, even thought the original is classic.
The whole number replacing a letter in a title thing has been done(ex. SCRE4M), the resident evil movie titles are creative enough without the addition of this S:I
where do you get that x-men origins wolverine was a bad film "the First Avenger: JohnnyBlaze"?
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did any of u stay after the credits for thor, cause by the sounds of u didn't, there is a scene in which it is made apparent that Loki can shape-shift, which most likely means that he is a Skrull.
I still have my 3D glasses and ticket from when i saw "The Final Destination" in theatres, i have the "The Final Destination Origional Soundtrack", i have seen each film about 15 or 20 times, and i know almost everything there is to know about this thrilling, chilling, and unexpected film franchise that keeps getting better. Please let me have these awesome and generously offered prizes, i am a true fan of these films.
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