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I love the jokes. A American, a Muslim, a German and a Jew walk into a bar. The bartender says is this some kind of a joke.

Please look for a spin off thread from this called Movie, Actor or Actresses Humor and see if you can contribute something.
@alicefoxtrot I forgot Dunkin Donuts because they actually serve breakfast sandwiches so for reminding me Alice by writing Krispy Kreme, which I think is borderline for this thread since they only got snacks, pastries, etc.

Sorry I know the messages here are old but I wanted to write in it anyway.
My favorite is definitely, no comparison, TACO BELL and Waffle House is absolutely fabulous for a quick cheap sit down meal AFTER the AFTER hours Club closes for the night or morning because the one near my old house had a music box we was able to load tunes onto while waiting for our meal. The second best for me is Subway and there was a new truck stop complex, usually a place that would normally disgust me from having an appetite if not for it being a completely modern facility within a shopping mall, that was built not far from me when I lived in Knoxville was open all times of the day with a drive to window. I also love Panda Express but sadly most of the food from any of the above fails to please me anymore as a current VEGETARIAN with a few exceptions. A Brew - Through qualify for this thread ? My point is Beer has carbohydrates but these are probably slowly being phased out with all the regulations.

@that-kid, @bolger, @obnoxiouselephant The Wawa stores are convenience gas station shops and not relevant here.
SUPPERMAN posted in the forum: Taco Bell movie...
The MovieNTVFan is just oblivious to the fact that this is the Miscellaneous section. I consider you the idiot, You Genius You. Sorry not interested in viewing YouTube content about Taco Bell but I do miss their food MORE THAN ANY OTHER QUICK FAST RESTAURANT as a recent vegetarian.
I say me, SUPPERMAN, because I can play a diabolical Vegetarian Chef that cooks and smokes Kryptonite.
SUPPERMAN posted in the forum: Helpful Review Advice
The first problem with this issue is sites that allow free accounts and have posts that appear in search engine results should be more regulated on the internet to need a credit card or some other kind of identification like using a web camera with facial recognition technology, but only to confirm age, possibly require the passing of a basic aptitude test and the source of any information submitted because too much of the web has incorrect details, facts, etc. A lot of people fail to understand the difference between a FILM"S PLOT, SUMMARY and REVIEW. I waste several minutes sometimes trying to find whichever I need at that moment but maybe this is a problem with GOOGLE and the rest of you who allow this one company to, basically, dominate the entire cyberspace which eliminates the capability of comparing two references from different origins. My point is a PLOT is what a movie is about without providing any spoilers, a SUMMARY includes everything that happened, from start to finish, in the picture in a short statement anywhere from a sentence or two, up to a few paragraphs and a REVIEW, to me, is something that should ONLY have a rank with your opinions without divulging any bits of the story such as other recommendations similar to the one being addressed at that time ONLY to keep it separate from the other two types of critique.

The majority of critics just combine one or more of the above and care less about you needing to skim through unnecessary fluff just to get the single detail you may desire because it makes them feel more important as it appears to me.
I hope everyone enjoyed Saint Patrick's Day because I spent mine watching a film called BLOWN AWAY with Jeff Daniels and Tommy Lee Jones, that has IRISH influences throughout the movie, while I sipped on my Baileys. The idea here is for everyone to start a list of REASONABLY KNOWN, like Hollywood Productions with atleast one Celebrity, or popular videos from the seventies to present with scenes based around Holidays starting with the most current yesterday. My hope is that this site will make this a category on the main page eventually so contribute something. Thanks @MovieGeek, @TheMovieFanatic, @XXNickthefilmCriticXX, @Azador, @Pott.
@moviegeek I do see exactly what you describe but the problem some of have is that the REMOVE button fails to delete it or do anything after I select it. The reply is appreciated either way Mov..Geek and if you get a chance maybe you can test a bottom dweller film on your list for me to see if this is a Windows version problem, configuration, browser or a site issue. Thanks.
@ROFLitschristian I was curious if you ever found a solution because I wrote a support thread about the same topic BUT NOONE responded with any answers.
A dumb thread but Roadrunner wins because Speedy would need probably stop for a siesta, a corona or get bothered for his green card along the border.
The thing I forgot to mention is that a main stream Hollywood LIVE ACTION HEMAN or THUNDERCATS movie would be interesting to me for a more serious answer.
I want to make a SUPPERMAN SUPERhero movie. My power is that I can cook a splendid VEGETARIAN meal with a irresistible aroma that makes any villain eat to they explode or the cops arrive to arrest them. A few other powers I possess as an immortal is the ability to fly and invisibility.
I think it would be a valid feature if more users were allowed to use approved content like ClipArt, pictures or Code similar to what Cupid does on his messages. A moderator could screen links or other data to assure it being safe, not spam, etc. The MovieGeek is correct though, by saying it really has no purpose but I still like the idea Nick and some of the other stuff on here is unrelated too, if you ask me, like the book thread when this is a film site.
I always love people like thedude-abides, who use statistics 50% of the time, 25% of the day, that only 2% care about while 70% of us know is probably fictional created by the 1%ers and the remaining percent is too busy trying to verify or report the data. The loss of excitement Nick is most likely just maturity bro, because life is full of false statements and purposes that was has been passed on for years to keep people from just wandering around gloomy with no motivation when they realize that the more they conform, the more they can expect to continually chase after something they fail to find that would satisfy them without the constant need of money. A example would be COMPUTERS, including programs, and televisions or a lot of electronic things because they deliberately upgrade one feature but eliminate another to keep from building the ultimate device so this keeps you anticipating the next, spending cash, etc. My apologies for sounding so protester but somebody has to do it.
I just realized how moronic some of this site's power users and above can be like Mclovin or Cupid for holding hands, kissing face together while applauding an acronym for the word STUPID. The thread here is dumb and so is your messages despite any sarcasm but atleast the one is capable of inserting images, code, etc.
A complete season dedicated to propaganda considering Jesus' birth was in the summer months or something if you check the SUPPOSED factorials. I prefer Halloween holiday, which fails to be federally observed, if I want to enjoy stories of debate that vary upon religion because evil entities, spirits, ghosts, Satan, Lucifer, demons, the Prince of Darkness or whatever, and other paranormal beings seem to be a universal concept but I still like the films, Black Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, etc.
I just want to add that the spell checker is a nice feature when typing messages, despite me being a linguist who teaches English, and maybe EBONICS or slang is just RIDICULOUSLY becoming acceptable to the general population in an effort to seem young, modern, trendy, etc.
Why hate people? A lot of celebrities grab easy paychecks on straight to video films but that does nothing to change the fact that they made numerous powerful, entertaining films. I can list several for Nicholas but LORD OF WAR is probably one of my favorites from him.
I like Snatch's message and I just wanted to say years later, with today being March 17, 2012, that I still NO LONGER LISTEN TO KANYE WEST's MUSIC because of his ignorant display of bitterness to white people, who ultimately boosted his career. The fact is many major black performers like Jay Z are all prejudice if you listen to their music, not just radio songs, but sometimes I can understand when you look impartially at the way minorities are stereotyped, portrayed or treated in society. My guess though is there are more African Americans racist against whites than vice versa and yet the government continues to allow them to take advantage of their color status. A difficult subject to tackle because I definitely encountered from all races but I can see why some types of people choose to remain segregated and prefer to forming alliances or building a community with others of their kind who feel similar pressures, have similar problems, etc. I personally believe most is conspiracy related via Illuminati or Capitalism because the vast percentage of wealth and power in the world is seen within Caucasian ethnicities. The idea of these conspiracies is to keep these same families rich while the rest of us remain poor for eons with very few exceptions who are more than just puppets of the invisible forces. ---My review of MERRIAM WEBSTER dictionary lists ETHNICITIES as a valid plural idiots.
I say Brittany Murphy because I care less if other guys die but the more WOMEN, younger or older, the better this planet looks to me, earthlings. ---A message from my Android on Venus.