CK - A basic Dietician Athletic Healthy Fitness Freak Vegetarian, but I do eat Fish or Eggs and I previously, IRONICALLY, worked as a cook at a small restaurant requiring me to prepare meat for other people. I turn 26 this June, recently acquired a puppy named DIVA and I work as a English Teacher. My time after college was spent mostly traveling the United States and finding jobs along the way. The places I LIVED, being atleast a month while employed, include Florida, California, Hawaii and Tennessee but I currently reside at my hometown in Virginia just outside the District of Columbia. A few years I was a part time tax preparer seasonally for extra money because I also studied accounting in school and have considered earning a degree in Financial Law.

I think my most notable favorite actor is probably Samuel l Jackson or Nicholas Cage but I like many others including Jason Statham, Joe Pesci, Keanu Reeves, Jason Biggs, Tracy Morgan, Ethan Hawke, Gerard Butler, Jeff Daniels, Robin Williams. My list for Actresses is obviously smaller beginning with Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly and Jennifer Esposito. The best movie to me, more presently, is Next Day Air but I love the films Lord of War, One Eight Seven, The Transporter, The Replacement Killers, The Ugly Truth, Christine, Turistas, RV, The Man, Fist of the North Star and a low budget picture called I Got Five On It out of all because of their stories, drama, comedy, etc.

A social smoker if accompanied by alcohol, boredom or restlessness but this is rare because I usually like catering and hosting a small get together, like on holidays, at my house with a woman, friends, colleagues, etc. I like all types of music but Hip Hop, Country or Electronic like Progressive House - not Rave, Techno, Drum and Bass, are most often found in my collection. The summer of 2009 I went to Amsterdam and I believe drugs should be more regulated but legal, despite the fact I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, PERSONALLY AVOID MARIJUANA because I cherish the white color of my teeth. A Screwdriver on the rocks with a little Sugarfree Mountain Dew or Red Bull chased by a shot of Absinthe and 151 is more my style.

I got three tattoos with three piercings but plan on more ink, weigh a hundred and seventy five pounds, am of Irish descent, standing at 5'9" with brown hair, green eyes, etc. The idea of kids and religion are debateable to me but later down the line.

Please ignore MovieWeb because the correct spelling of Debateable is Debateable, with an alternative, and Dietician is Dietician.