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I saw a clip on the internet yesterday FROM A MEDIA SOURCE site saying Robert Dinero's APARTMENT in New York was on fire.

The video showed firemen on the truck ladder approaching to the complex but I must make a couple statements about this because the entire building looks like sh*t and you can see WINDOW air conditioners in the windows of the neighbors.

A strange thing to me how all these multi million dollar actors and actresses are unable to afford property like a condominium or hotel, at the minimum, in the dirty ass city.

Sorry because my post has nothing against New York but I got no interest living in some tiny little hole in the wall, especially in a crowded urban area, if I was rich when most metropolis' in the world are just like the next one and size is unimportant when each store, restaurant or club all have what the other had before it.
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A video, MOSTLY showing the ground but with clear audio - probably due to the fact it needed to be recorded without the CHICAGO police being aware of it, has been posted on the internet to allow everyone to listen to the way cops are able to threaten, VERBALLY ABUSE, harass, detain or continually look for a reason to arrest you.

The victims were being stopped for some kind of traffic violation, I think an illegal turn or something, and were accused of trespassing on private property at one point SIMPLY because they entered a driveway to reverse their vehicle in the other direction.

I want everyone to know that to be charged with such a crime the actual owners must consent to filing a complaint but the remainder of the controversy appears to stem from statements made and possibly taken out of context since their was a friendly, sarcastic conversation in progress throughout the situation.

Sorry but I want to be fair because if you lie to achieve results than you deserve the consequences of oppression although I do think it was wrong for them to constantly look for cause to take them to jail like asking it face coverings provides justification when it seems obvious no one was wearing any such garments at that time.
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I wonder if anyone abroad uses this site, so please post your country and state, territory or province, especially if you live in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Central, South America, Canada, etc.

You can also include any confirmed plans you made to visit another nation.

My season adventure overseas begins in Barcelona next week and I hope to backpack through the Costa Del Sol, Cadiz and maybe even Malta or Nord Rhine Westphalia - Germany so anybody that speaks English here should write me.
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"After First Ten ..."
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@ Thanks for the comment, Jim. I agree but I think this occurs when you got false pretensed protesters, similar to ones I worked with abroad recently or to some that are destroying the reputation of the Occupy movement. The people I refer to are ones that are typically younger and act as if they got a passion for a certain cause but are the same people doing drugs later that night, this is what I experienced in a country I volunteered abroad last year for an entire month. My belief is substance abuse should be legalized in general but this is, to me, a recreational activity and should be isolated from times when you need to be focused on a real agenda, such as the issues that were being debated with this group that I was involved with for the duration.

A real shame no PROFESSIONAL demonstrators find theirselves capable of forming a legitimate congregation and this again leads back to your comment because those of us who wish to actually make a difference peacefully experience the force of abusive power from police or government, which in essence, is why the radicals who prepare to challenge the system physically are necessary sometimes.

I believe the world would be very different if there were more HONEST CARING HUMBLE lawyers willing to participate in cases as part of a Pro Bono because legislation is the key to fighting social injustice without violence.

Sorry if my statements sounded any erratic but I got a busy schedule today and was just hoping to get a quick post to you.
My dream last night was basically normal when compared to my actual life. I envisioned I was in Brooklyn and was driving my car into the parking lot of a department store when I got into a verbal altercation with one of the guys in a group of like drug dealers. The fact was that none of them scared me, considering this took place during the day in a public area, but I saw one of the men following me and relaying my movements back to the others when I started to go into the shop so I went back to my vehicle. A little too late because I got the feeling someone had been into my automobile but nothing was broken or missing that I saw at that time. My nightmare ended with these people seeing me driving later into the future and followed me, without my knowledge, to where I lived to destroy everything. I say this is almost a reality to me because it reminds of something that happened to me when I was BOINKING a married woman that I worked with, who was in the middle of divorcing a possessive ex that followed us from our job to my home once and within a week my tires were slashed in my driveway but ironically the gal I ended a relationship with for her then busted the windowshield of her Mercedes when she parked on the street.
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A video, about fifteen minutes, surfaced on YouTube earlier this week with authentic footage taken from a cop's car camera when he stopped a common movie producer for an alledged traffic violation in ILLINOIS after attending a film convention. The clip explains or shows debateable tactics police use to supposedly justify searching your vehicle without a warrant.

I found it on the internet by typing Officer Reichert - Collinsville + Rights.

My point is that this is a very basic example of a bigger problem that occurs all the time and despite this particular occurrence seeming a bit ordinary, ATLEAST TO ME, because I can definitely imagine the driver - film maker sitting around playing some video games with some friends in a basement somewhere munching on a burger after smoking marijuana but this is just me trying to JUDGE this case impartially from both sides.

A lot of the tape is professionally edited with the usual overly confident, sarcastic exaggeration tone to it but in contrast for his defense, Huff shows you a picture of the inside of his car taken from what he says, was immediately after the incident to contest the accusation made that his automobile had SHAKE in it, and the photograph showed some disgusting stains on the rug that I think could of been airbrushed, photoshopped, cleaned or otherwise replicated if this guy was really interested in falsifying the story.

The fact is the entire ordeal resulted in nothing but a warning and yet someone still felt the situation was a product of corruption, enough to obtain the actual recording, make it public, narrate it, etc.

I, on the other hand, agree with using it to fight the war on civil infractions by the government but still say this appears to be more of a person probably hoping to sue the city and is or was looking to find more people to share any similar experiences for their own reasons because I believe the patrolman acted reasonably, mostly professional, patient, etc.

My main objection or the biggest value I get from this instance is about the dog being taken out of sight in the front and the facts about property seizures included in the article written about it available on the web.

A frequently popular excuse they use to circ*mvent the system is probable cause because this can be just about anything but there are many others that are set in place to allow them to basically detain you whenever they feel it necessary to them, like mistaken identity, questioning, public intoxication, under the influence, open container, disturbing the peace, trespassing, loitering, inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, slander, defamation of character, etc. The ones I listed are typical charges they can pin against you at their discretion and of course there are millions of events where these do actually apply but I just wanted to mention them because of their ability to be easily abused by law enforcement.

I wanted to add those associated with driving like seat belts, tinted windows, improper lane change, failing to signal a turn, using a mobile telephone or I think smoking a cigarette that all play a role in allowing them to find something to use if they want to further harrass you, but these are becoming more extinct with the help of technology and courts requiring doc*mentation, proof, etc.
@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx I got Smokey the Bear in line too but whatever - Marshmallows for everyone !!!
A perfect time for SUPPERman to roast some marshmallows.
I think the whole cape thing is what caused that because if I remeber correctly, he jumped off a building or something one time in the movie and they basically made it look like he was flying after opening his wings, which was really a similar concept to a hang glider, parachute, etc.

The other part that probably adds to it is the fact that he always seems to be battling people who actually have powers but this thread is about SUPERMAN so how about a modern CK, whose LOGO was made in Taiwan, like Yin Yang - which is essentially the letter S, because of the cheap labor there. A believable story to me... ( YAWN )
You consider Batman a SUPERhero? Why? I like Bruce Wayne but He has no real powers - in the movies anyway, only useful technology, and this makes me think the list could include a boatload of others who barely seem worthy, think Inspector Gadget here or whatever, but I developed this opinion as a distant viewer, not as a comic book fanatic, expert, etc.
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I imagine this is more of a support message although experience has taught me that nobody really seems to managing MovieWeb with replies or bug fixes other than assuring the majority of the site functions, which is still a good thing, but I just thought someone could troubleshoot the ability to view pages via a Apple mobile with Safari browser. The problem is that I can access information but it takes several attempts CONTINUALLY because it displays a error, 404 NOT FOUND, everytime it loads something but shows the actual content whenever I refresh the screen a second time.
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@ghostman I suppose so and that means you get Ben Affleck sloppy seconds.
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@ghostman You got any opinions on these subjects? A GOD must have something to write about capitalists.

@SpaceCowboy Please share any ideas, thoughts or gripes on any of the matters above or contribute a new topic!!! Thanks.
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@ghostman A correction for the Mclovin error on my last message on this thread.

@SpaceCowboy I see your name alot and wanted to add it. My watch says Miller time, joker!
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@ghostman I posted a message to you earlier but failed to use your correct user name so maybe you can comment on the thread after I correct it in a few minutes. Thanks.
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@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx @ROFLitschristian @themoviefanatic @moviegeek @azador @Pott @mclovin @shuabert @cupid

The website RevoltNoworDie.Net confirms Aliens arrive in New York to join protesters but police arrested them for failing to have green cards and returned them to North Korea.

A joke but hope everyone has a nice April Fool's Day.
@cupid I think I tried and you need to have a certain amount of comments before being allowed on here but I can try again later now that I recently graduated to Active User or when not using my Apple mobile, like now, with this Safari browser.

Thanks, now get back to your reservation, smoke your peace pipe, change your diaper then play some Blackjack on your tax free land. (-.-)
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@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx @ROFLitschristian @themoviefanatic @moviegeek @azador @Pott @Mclovin @Shuabert @Cupid

A website called IKnowSexFilms69.NET confirms Matt Damon paid thirty million to star in a gay hardcore sex film called, Boy Story with a sequel already in the budget titled Toy Glory.

A joke but hope everyone has a nice April Fool's Day.
@cupid I, in fact, see a little more than above the neck in some of those pictures and appreciate seeing them, especially Eva Longoria, but I do still hope for one of JENNIFER ESPOSITO.

My point is, show a little LOVE because every one of those women could be my VALENTINE any day and could expect me to BOW before them when graced by their beauty or MASSACRE all guys who attempt to stand in the way.

P.S. The Native Americans were the only ones to use ARROWS so maybe CUPID is a Nava -HO. :-)