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I am pretty excited for this. I think he is an interesting but good choice for the job. @yannick-decorte When it was announced that Lin may be doing Terminator there was actually a lot of positive feedback from most of the fanboys. I think that yes it would have been compared to the first two...but I think they would have done it right and it would be more like they group it with the first two instead of saying it could never be as good. Just my opinion. I was looking forward to a Lin Terminator, but I am happy to settle for Lone Wolf and Cub. Great book.
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This poster sucks Hulk's balls.
Oh and @killergoldfizh.....the word "Love" isn't in the's part of the tag line. I love it when people see an interview and all of a sudden they become an expert on the subject. When you were watching that interview on HBO, were you at a Holiday Inn??? You obviously know jack sh*t about film if you are already calling it a fail after seeing one poster. Go back to watching your Lifetime movies, but don't hold your breathe...this flick isn't ever going to be on your favorite channel.
All I needed to know was that Shannon and Liotta are in it. Sounds good.
Those are f*cking badass!
The look on Tony's face says.."This sh*t is costing me how much?"
That last picture would have been awesome if the shield was in the other hand.
Personal opinion: Michael Bay is a twat and I hate the way he makes movies. I don't care what you think about my opinion. This is what the internet is for right?
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I dig this one. And yeah I would like to dig into Widow.
It looks cool but RDJ should have the goddamn helmet on. By this point we all know who is playing Iron Man. It takes a lot away from the picture to me.
Ok...lemme just say this. To me Carpenter's Halloween is a classic and is my favorite horror movie. My second favorite would have to be H2O. Every other Halloween movie....from Hallowen II to Zombie's H2 and including 4,5, and Curse of Michael Myers are just fun for me because I am a big horror freak and Myers fan. I hate Resurrection with a passion. Two words....Rhymes and Banks. I'm pretty sure that there is something wrong with me but I like watching retarded teenagers getting butchered. Go figure.
Good. I hope they abandon it all together. I am a huge fan of the series and characters. I love John Carpenter's original and I really dig the second Halloween. I know they get a lot of heat, but I also love Rob Zombie's two Halloween flicks. Are they perfect? No. Are they Michael Myers? Yes. Are they Violent? Hell Yes! It's kinda funny because Best Supporting Actress, Octavia Spencer, gets her head stabbed a couple dozen times in the beginning of Zombie's H2. I think it took balls to go the way Zombie did. I hate that his wife was in the second flick. I was able to buy her in the first one. I have heard that not only will this film be 3D, but it will continue after the last film with Zombie having nothing to do with it. I can't really explain why I guess, but I have a problem with both of those things. The Halloween series has always been my favorite and while the "new" 3D is awesome when done right, I have always loved that Halloween was one of the only series to not use it. Friday the 13th used it. Sucked. Nightmare on Elm Street used it. Sucked. Anyway...if you aren't going to go with Rob Zombie I think you should try something different. Why make another director try to have to follow Zombie with his own story and version of characters?These are just my opinions people...and either way they do it, I'll pay to see it of course.
@err2005 I feel the exact same way.
This was a great book, one of my favorites. Kristen Stewart is in this huh? Well I'll be passing on this one too I guess.
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I don't care what anyone says....May 4th is going to be EPIC!!!! As for all the talk about which movie will be better, this or TDKR....who f*cking cares???????? We are getting what looks to be two epic masterpieces of comic book films. I don't give a flying fat f*ck which is better or which makes more money. I'm a comic book geek and I always have been.....this summer is going to be a great one for us geeks, DC and Marvel fans alike.
wonder how many people switch their profile pic now. These are a cool find though.
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@kguy Listen *ssholes....I f*cking said it wasn't the worst f*cking film of the year. Don't group me in with everyone who hates Michael Bay. I'm not a huge fan, I can appreciate what he has done and I can call him on his sh*t. Case closed.
" They just hate Michael for whatever he does. " Sounds an awful lot like your sucking Bay's c*ck to me. Sorry if I don't join that bandwagon.


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