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Dear Sly. Please don't make the film PG-13. Please don't consider the rantings and pleading of a true hack actor for whom can't even cut ("Cough" Cutter ) on straight to video. ~Your Fan.
Why does Chump Norris feel the need to turn a great action franchise into something more appropriate for the politically correct cry babies of america? It's NOT a movie for children. It's a movie for the grown ups while the kids are busy watching Micky, Sponge Bob and the Power Rangers. If it were intended for children then it would have the cast of the Care Bears or the Muppets... which are right in the very NEXT THEATER. Remember what happened when ROBOCOP 3 went PG-13? Mmm... Hmm... NO ONE SAW IT AND IT SUCKED. Go back to your ranch and sit back on your old man porch, Butthole and dream of better days of working with your hack brother Arron on all those movies he ruined. Such as HIT MAN which could've been pretty awesome. Oh' and by the way... We all know you've dozens of rated R movies. Hitman, Missing In Action 1, 2 & 3, Lone Wolf McQuaid and Silent Rage. We've all seen you swear and we've all seen you commit violence in your movies YOU F@#KING LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!! ...and HYPOCRITE!!!!!
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