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@DB23 ... that pretty much hit the nail in the head. imagination and being original seems to dead in the horror genre nowadays. Although i think scream4 is the best we had in a long time.
kinda reminds me of when they showed us the first picture of the joker. But yea this looks pretty sick
I actually didnt care either way I thought the last one was great and figured even if they cant do 5 nd 6 then at least they finished it off with a great movie. But this is good news too, seein how they already have it planned out for what they want to do
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lolol where did ron white come from?
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was kinda hoping theyd actually give micky rourke a bigger more action part.. not an action part and then kill him off in the begininng
looks like hes about to do the "HULK SMASH!"
arnold seems to be in movie glory now tht hes back in acting, seems like the second he got back in the game hes been accepting roles left and right
@bane5000 yeah i dont think the cameo would be wolverine either just because it really wouldnt really feel like a suprise seeing him seein how we already see so much oh him in all the other movies. I'm going to stick with the guess of a yong or baby nightcrawler, jus cuz he was thre best character in all the xmen movies and i feel like his would make more sense to see. But if it wasnt him then i would guess prolly a young jean grey seeing how they mention in x3 how charles and magneto found her together when she was unstable, and i feel like they wouldnt use cyclops just cuz they already used his cameo appearance in orgins wolverine
@jimthar i think red made some sort of comment about that asking why the hell is everyone still there in the basement but im not sure if that was when eric still lived ther or not. but i think steven still lived there so they still had a reason to chill there.

as for this show..never really watched it, saw 1 episode and it was because someone else was controllin the tv, none of them actors seem to fit but with cuba goodings recent crap record choice of films hes been doing, iim sure this should be up his alley
@bane5000 where did you hear the rumor of a cameo appearance? if that was true i would guess it would be like a young or baby nightcrawler
i seriously hope this doesnt meen they wont do a sequal for scream, i really like the scream movies and i thought the last one was jus as good as the previous screams
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i like the idea, but dont rlly like the 3d part
lol i like the hand gesture the ape does in the beginning
@bane5000 yea if you click the first link in the related videos it says at the bottom of the article the trailer should arrive online tomorow
this looks pretty nuts, cant wait for the trailer tomorow. so far the one 1 summer movie im most lookin foward to
Best news on movieweb soo far! prolly like 10 times more excited for this movie now
terry crews...nuff said
supercrooks poster makes me knida think of resivoir dogs
that actually looked pretty cool, it wasnt much but still you can tell how good this is goin to look. But i agree with Kon-El, the title just feels too long and doesnt really role off the tongue as well as just rise of the apes
I can see jim carrey or mike myers doin it, but id preffer mike myers since its been a while anyone seen him do a live comedic role (besides guru)


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