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i seriously hope this doesnt meen they wont do a sequal for scream, i really like the scream movies and i thought the last one was jus as good as the previous screams
Smitty-werbenjagermanjensen wrote a comment about the news item The Nurse 3D Heads to Lionsgate
i like the idea, but dont rlly like the 3d part
lol i like the hand gesture the ape does in the beginning
@bane5000 yea if you click the first link in the related videos it says at the bottom of the article the trailer should arrive online tomorow
this looks pretty nuts, cant wait for the trailer tomorow. so far the one 1 summer movie im most lookin foward to
Best news on movieweb soo far! prolly like 10 times more excited for this movie now
terry crews...nuff said
supercrooks poster makes me knida think of resivoir dogs
that actually looked pretty cool, it wasnt much but still you can tell how good this is goin to look. But i agree with Kon-El, the title just feels too long and doesnt really role off the tongue as well as just rise of the apes
I can see jim carrey or mike myers doin it, but id preffer mike myers since its been a while anyone seen him do a live comedic role (besides guru)
eh id only wanna see freddy again if they were doin an other freddy vs jason movie but doubt thts gonna happen anytime soon
ehh i feel like id rather see a batman and superman movie instead of a whole justice league movie
lol is beast copping a feel on mystique?
i can see bradley cooper in the role better
deffinatly a wrong direction to go in if ur trying to do better than the other daredevil
the punisher (the thomas jane one)
the friday the 13th reboot
freddy vs jason
speed racer (i liked the movie would have been good for a sequal and they kinda ended it in a way like there was gonna be a part 2)
would have been nice to be a waynes world 3 but too late for tht now
everyone knows who the stooges are!!! and making someone like johnny knoxville moe isnt gonna make it any better to appeal to a younger audience. i hate when stupid ass studios think like this that if they get younger actors then it will attract more younger audience. they did the same sh*t with the last oscars and it sucked. The original cast was a great choice, and this film actually looked like it stood a chance, now that they will most likely get knoxville they will prob be dumb enough to get andy sandburgh or timberlake. jus so it can appeal more better to the "youths".
and if they really want this to work they should throwin chuck norris... but prob for the third one where everyone dies
ik ppl would wanna kill me for sayin this but think bout it... big action, small plot, lots of explosions.. has micheal bay written all over it
ehh id say leave terminator alone. id rather see him return to the predator sequal, seeing how they mention him in the last one


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