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kick ass cast! Got my interest so far
My interesest for this went up a bit, I'm kinda lookin foward to this now
I wish they got someone who looks little more like lincoln. I still think Liam Neeson would have been better choice for the role
@ejk1 unfortanatly I saw that jackie boy prob wont be in this one. However I read somewhere else that frank miller plans on writing a prequel for jackie boy called "the rise and fall of jack rafferty". so hopefully he writes that before they film sin city 3
yeah screw any new movie ideas, bring on the sequels sequels sequels!!!
and hopefully Jonny Depp still wants to be involved, I remember a while back about him playing a character named Wallace
holy crap balls they're finally doin it. BTW does anyone know what characters from the first one would be in this? I never read the comic and I cant read it on wiki without spoiling it. I hope Jackie Boy is in it, I'd like to see a lil more of him.
I didn't see Tim Burtons name in there I thought I heard he was suppose to be involved
@thedude1 I actually didn't mind him taking a hostage. I thought it seemed weird at first, but I remember in part 2, he almost didn't want to kill that girl because he thought she was his mother, we never really found out what he would have done with if she didnt attack him. And the whole part with him setting the whole place up with booby traps, wasnt something that new, I forgot which one it was when some guy walked into one of his booby traps where his foot got caught up in a noose and hung him upside down. They didnt really change his character, they just amped him up on the booby traps and showed us what he would have done if he got a hold of the girl from part2
@thedude1 If anything I think the F13 remake respected the original just as much as TCM did. The only remake by platinum dunes that totally screwed everything up was the NOES remake
The only reason Ressurection was the worst of the franchise was because it was involved in the same story line as the original and it just ruined the story line. If it wasnt involved with the original like halloween 4,5,6 then I wouldnt of minded as much. So I just pretend that H20 is the official ending for the original and ressurection was just another spin off
Glad to see this, especially the dropping of the 3d idea. platinum dunes did a good job on all their horror remakes except NOES, but hopefully tht meens they can just learn from the mistakes they did on tht film. And like @Mr_Jellyfish said this can only be an improvement after RZ movies. It prob wont be as good as the original but thts all good, as long as we get to see more MM
uhm..hope they were not too serious on the "no humor" part, I know the special effects was one of the things that made the original funny but i hope they can still find a way to put some of that type of humor in this one
i always pictured diane lane playin jane if they were to do a live action
Please do not ruin this remake by putting Channing Tatum or Mark walhberg in it, I dont want this done at all either but if it has to be done i would really not want either of those 3 playing the role
Hopefully they dont do the other ones by year, because i dont want to wait 3 years just to see the older ones
How is Chuck getting a say in what the rating should be, he did a crappy tv series a few B movies, and now hes calling the shots for a big movie that hes not even the star in? With that aside im a little unsure what to think, on one side I dont remember the 1st being all tht gory or violent enough to be the reason for its R ratingso i dont think itll be all that different, and on the other hand mabey they could have upped the ante on the violence and will have to cut it down due to the new pg13 rating now.
not sure what to think yet, its hard to judge RZ movies, i wanted to like his halloweens, but after i watched them again recently I just didnt enjoy it.
I havnt read the book, but i kinda hope they put a scene where they change the outcomes of lincolns fate at the theater and jus have him backhand john wilks booth and flip him over the blacony before he gets assassinated.
This will deff be epic. The only thing that just will bother me so much, will be knowing that this could have soo much more better if joker was still in it. Drives Me Insane!!


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