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too bad they couldnt do something like this for godfather
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I'm really curious whos going to win for visual effects between dawn of the apes and interstellar. I know a lot of people are going to think interstellar but I still think of that one part from dawn of the apes when ceasar attacks koba for the first time and you see koba laying there out of breath. I swear that one close up on his face, it looked so real like it wasnt even digital anymore.

heres a look at the scene to remind you. its a sh*tty quality video but around 2:30 is the part I'm talking about
figured deathstroke would be the center of the movie considering will smith only takes roles where he is the main character, seeing how he didnt want django, since he complained that he wasnt a major character
feel like it wouldve made more sense to bring in The Leader, considering that seemed to of ignored him after the incredible hulk
I never read the comic, but how would that whole superheroes need to reveal themselves work if all the heroes in avengers dont have secret identities anyway. Besides spiderman and daredevil, i dont know who else has a secret identity that would be able to be in this civil war movie
They really need to give that "Ill be back" line a rest. They just ruin it when they have to put it in all the movies
as long as they don't mess up wolfman, and keep some sort of horror tone to it. The last one wasn't that bad, the only things they messed up on was the pacing, and the ending wasn't that good. So hopefully they just learn from those mistakes.
they should pick the gorilla
i always preferred watching deadpool get into fights with punisher
damn, still hoping they get ed norton to be pitts partner
the only idea i like is the 1930s feel, that was the one thing i wanted to see in a batman movie, but i guess itll do for the show in the meantime. hopefully after affleck is done, they go with a batman based in the 30s or 40s era
a little dramatic for a racing movie, otherwise looks like a decent popcorn flick
seems like a good movie, but not good enough to want to spend about 18 dollars to see
If that's the case then why would he still be in a wheelchair...I hope the movie doesn't have obvious plot holes like this
the only cast members that would make sense to come back would be jeff goldblum, everyone else could easily be replaced with different characters and bill pullman's character wouldnt be in office anymore
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sounds like Crank...
NICE! now there's a better chance of them doing the army of darkness sequel. This was actually one of the worthy reboot/remakes (w.e you wanna call it) Now hopefully the sequel or crossover (which ever they do first) will include Bruce and more of the humor and witty lines we got from the originals
not that i think he'll playing shredder, but i dont think he would be that bad of choice, just because his previous movies have been comedy doesn't mean hes incapable of playing a somewhat more serious role. And not for nothing he can have somewhat of an intimidating villainous voice
ever since boardwalk, im down with any idea Scorses comes up with for t.v. and hopefully this will be on HBO
The only person that I would like to see and would make the most sense to return would be Jeff Goldblums character. Bill Pullman would obviously be out of office by now, and will smith could come back, but it wouldn't really be that necessary, and if he did comeback i don't see him as being the main character, which seems to be all he'll settle for now.


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