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Thanks for the add.
Well beating, Thor, Dare-Devil, Iron-man and Blade, or Batman will be tough
Not sure how this is going to end but I will try to keep an open mind.
My question is what version of Wolverine will it be? so far I only see on director, after watching Brooklyn finest.
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Since I watched this from an angle of comic-book reading, I was quite disappointed in the role of Magneto, his essence was not captured here at all. The dimensions of his character was very poorly written. The good news was that they did a better job with Xavier, Havor with no Cyclops which was weird but i guess when it comes to Hollywood they are not concerned about tell the correct version of the x-men. Overall, I think it was okay, would I watch it again most likely not.

Mutants did not just all pop up during the second world war and the Hellfire club was more quiet and more powerful than portrayed, plus their agenda's was not just down to Shaw alone, he was one of the the four strong members of the council, never even saw anything on the black queen or the other members.
Yes, they got the redskull look right!
Pretty sad, how anyone can do this.
I am hoping this and the avengers end up being good my concerns are the version of Cap as well as the Hulk
I have a good feeling Nolan, will do a good job.
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