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@thomasclarke Your welcome, the only reason I saw it was i liked the first 3 and the 4th was alright so I figured I give this one a chance
Great artwork
@thomasclarke Yea I saw this and I could not write a review on it cuz it was just no way for me to describe how awful it was, good review though
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I say bring it on
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@bane5000 Ha thats true, Brandon would make a good choice. I can even picture him in the Joker makeup, he had something like it in The Crow
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Toms definetly a better choice than Bradley Cooper, I cant see Bradley playing that tragic side of Eric Draven convincingly. Tom would make a good choice to play the part but if I had to choose someone other than Brandon Lee it would be Heath Ledger
Nothing against the top 5 actors, but I would say neither one could replace RDJ as Tony Stark. Out of all of them Leo would be the best choice and then maybe Jon Hamm
Loved the 1st one, so looking forward to this one
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Badass poster, makes me want to go check this one out
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Like the poster but they just need to focus on the new trilogy and stop getting ahead of themselves
@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Thanks man and yea no doubt Tom Hardy gave an Oscar worthy performance. I think I said it in my review of TDKR; in terms of taking the character Bane from the comics and taking the character into the real world, I believe Tom Hardy gave a performance that was equal to Heath Ledgers Bane. Alot of people dont agree with that but they have to remember Bane and the Joker are 2 completly different characters, with Joker being about chaos and Bane being about stratedgy so i feel that Tom Hardy gave, like you said, a haunting performance that was equal to Ledgers Joker.

And no doubt TDKR had a better score as well, I mean its Hans Zimmer doing the score and it definetly had better villians, I meant the whole alien thing in The Avengers was just too cliche so hoprfully they fix that with Avengers 2 and give us a better villian
I dont mean to interupt an arguement but @john-m I agree with your statements Huntsman, I also feel that TDKR was a way better film than The Avengers and I agree with what @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx said as well, The Avengers was cliche, I think I got into an arguement with someone before when they were trying to say TDKR was cliche and The Avengers wasnt which I never got

But like Huntsman said I would also say the tragedy in Colorado defintely hurt the film, most people say it didnt but ut definetly did, I almost questioned going opening day but I eventually went. Even with the tragedy the film did well over 1 billion dollars so needless to say they both would have made the same amount of money if the tragedy never happened

And like @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx said B.O. really has nothing to do with how great a film is, and his example Avatar pretty much says it all
@thedude-abides That would have been interesting but I would have no doubt would have loved to see Ledger return as the Joker. Hoffman I can see playing Penguin as a gentleman and not a creature like DeVito played in Batman Returns
@thedude-abides O yea, who could forget those rumors, but it would have been cool to see Harley Quinn and the Joker on the big screen together
@monkeyiron2-0 Who knows man, @justatadmatt made a good point and said it could be April ONeils cameraman so lets see ehat happens, keeping my fingers crossed for Ken Watanbe as Shredder
@john-m Exactly what I thought. I guess you could say they save the best for last lol
He can retire when he does 1 more Sherlock Holmes movie
@thedude-abides I think I read somewhere that Ledger was going to come back as the Joker. The original draft for TDKR had Riddler and Harley Quinn as the main villians so Id say he would have
@thedude1 I agree, that would be perfect