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@Lionel-Leutz It was actually pretty good, Chloe gave a great performance that you really felt bad for her character
@skywise I haven't read Stephen Kings novel and its been years since Ive seen De Palmas film but I must say this was at the very least a decent horror film but it was really good and like I said it was because of Chloe and Julianne
@gandoff Honestly if it wasn't for Chloe or Julianne I might have passed on it myself but those 2 really make it worth it
SherlockHolmes2009 reviewed the movie Carrie

"With great performances from Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, Carrie is a great-modern interpretation of Stephen Kings classic novel"
Ill go see it, and as far as saying Chloe isn't that good in it can be just this one persons view on her performance, Ive already heard from some people who have already seen it saying shes amazing in it, definetly seeing it for sure
Sounds like a good choice but I prefer JJ to do it
Hopefully he gets it, doesn't matter if he plays a Jedi or Sith hell be good in it. If he plays a Sith now that will be badass
@thomasclarke Great review man, check mine out whenever you get a chance
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@forrestgump1 I agree man, it was a great film and I don't get why critics bashed it. I say it will have its own cult following and Im hoping that Universal will do 1 more to complete the series
@skywise Thanks, its a good movie I recommend it
@moviefreak97 Thanks man
SherlockHolmes2009 reviewed the movie Kick-Ass 2

"Kick Ass 2 doesnt have the same sense of humor that its predecessor had, but it stays true to the comics and is a worthy follow up to the 1st one with amazing performances from Chloe Mortez, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Jim Carrey"
Cant wait to hear what hes gonna do for the film
@john-m I had a hard time trying to review this film without giving away important details of the film, I didnt want to spoil anything for fans. Great review though Huntsman
@skywise Thank you sir
@slysnide Thats cool