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i absolutely love The Hunger Games! i read all the books and when i read them, i feel like I am in another world. I can relate and see why the characters are who they are, especially Katniss. The author is a genius for writing these books, and put heart and effort into the books! I know EVERYTHING about THE HUNGER GAMES and am a true, dedicated fan! i realllly want to win these tickets and that would make my life! The actors that are picked for the movie are a great choice and I cannot wait to watch the movie, espeically if i win these tickets! I am obsessed with THE HUNGER GAMES and I truely want these tickets! I have shirts, reread the books many times, been having a countdown, and everything a true, dedicated fan does! ASK me ANYTHING about The Hunger Games, and i can answer them in a heartbeat! i really want these tickets please!
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