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The start of the trailer I was thinking that this could be a hero film like Gran Torino, I thought it had potential, but all the blood and gore it looks like it should have been made in the 80's.

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I bet this is better than what most of you think
It might not be a new suit just a 2nd suit he might use for maybe going under water or very high up in the air (I forget if its low or high altitude!)
@dan1 can you imagine Christmas mornings for Batman?

All the new toys Alfred and Lucius must buy for him lol
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Hasn't been done before yet people complain, I bet you wish it was a remake of something else!?
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Couldn't access my old profile so this is the new me!
I'd imagine Bane will break Batmans back just before Bane dies (I just picture Bane holding Batman about to break his back but all in the same movement Batman knocks him back into some sort of machinery that kills Bane, with Catwoman the only person there to save Batman and pull him to safety)

That's just how I think Nolan will end his trilogy.


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