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DeanIsNotMyName: well spoken if you meant that in sarcasm!! In the long distant past, I've always thought of Mr. Hopkins as a Good lead but alas, NOT so with a few other repulsive movies he made. Thats why I stopped going to see his movies.
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I think you are all wrong that Christensen is a bad actor. Star wars was Very Successful mainly because of him. Of course you have your opinion of his acting but that doesn't mean most people will agree with you guys. As regards this movie: I Won't be going to see it. A theme where a child is killed is just too much in a movie that is based on something that isn't real. They rarely had movies like that in the past!
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Rstars wrote a comment about the news item Brad Bird Confirmed for Mission: Impossible IV
I thought that the last M.I. was kind of mediocre but it did have a few Wonderful scenes. I Hope that with Brad Bird joining them, that finally we will get one that deserves to be aquainted with the "real" Mission Impossible, that was on TV, a long time ago! I think it I'll go see it but I'm not sure.
You can move the release date up for Fast Five if you really wanted to! For example, look at how many months are between the 2 Twilights. One was last Fall and now we are going to be seeing another one only at the end of June!
MacGruber - you've got to BE Kidding me. This has got to BE the most stupidest "movie" so far!! But I seriously liked the Trailer. The look on Kristine's face was priceless!! :) :)
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Thank you for getting it to us early next year. A lot better then us waiting for Real Steel at the end of next year. Well done. I bet I'll love the movie. Unless its restricted of course. Kevin Durand seems like a Good choice. I hope you have Decent drama ideas in it thereby giving it a reasonalbly clean rating, so Everyone gets to see it. Like for instance The Fantastic 4! You can make it for Children and still have the action adults like!
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I can't believe that the Industry was Gracious enough to allow us to see Eclipse movie So Soon after us seeing New Moon last fall. But to make us wait till 2013 to to see Breaking Dawn, is just Too Long to wait!! It only toke the Entertainment industry 7 months to bring out another Twilight movie. From last fall to the end of June! Why are you making us wait for 2 1/2 yrs. or more to see Eclipse?? In my perspective it just Doesn't seem fair or reasonable to make us wait That long!?? I won't be going to see it, forget it! If you made another one for next yr., then I'd go see it.
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"we will gimmick this movie up as much as possible to get the stupid people to watch it" - Who's we?? You are presuming to talk for Everyone and Everyone Doesn't like you talking for them, when they don't know you. You say people are stupid. Where are the facts and figures to prove people are stupid? Everyone Can like or not like anything and you don't have the right to decide who will Like or not like a movie! And you think you want to be my friend on MovieWeb - I don't think so. I Don't like people like you putting other Respectful People down for absolutely nothing, when it is Not called for and unnecessary! Who's putting you down?? No One. Who or what is making you put people down for Nothing???
Also I agree with @nightwatch1203
I Won't see it if Pitt is in it. When I saw Sherlock Holmes in the long distant past, I never saw him 3/4(and a Married man too) naked in bed either!! Thats Why I Didn't go see the First SH's. Mockery of one of the Best shows in history! Did you see the original Mr. Holmes take most of his clothes off?? No, it had a Lot More Important things to do and that was to find the person who allegedly did the foul deed!! You know, keeping a plot going that centers its core on doing the job and getting it Solved. Nothing more, nothing less. I never saw it much but I enjoyed it because there was No frills and bells to try and keep our attention like nowadays
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