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Me too!! Finally sounds like a little more originality in movies now. I just wish they would be in theatres This Yeear sometime. I bet they will be Very Good movies! Thank you for the original story lines....
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I wish the movie would be in the theatres Sooner!!
Rstars wrote a comment about the news item Extended Knight and Day International Trailer!
Finaly some action movies coming back!! Theres been a few great movies in the past few yr.'s but it looks like this one will be Fantastic!
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NO, I will Not go see any Mr. Bay's movies again(even if I Really Want to see 1 or more) untill he apologises to Ms. Fox(a daughter) about his verbally abusive behavior plus to other actors(sons) he verbally abused. I will Not buy past movie DVD's that he had a part in either. I checked all my DVD's and none are produced by him.
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With all due Respect, you might just imagine that there is NO war nor any fighting up in space. To imply there is by showing war/hurting all the time in movies is just Not Reality! The movie industry has been mostly "sucessful" in telling people that it would be boring to mostly have good movies. But I beg to differ; theres still some People that prefer drama/family/comedy shows but with very little violence or none at all.

Starwars were very good bc the movies showed a light saber that was Very unique. I don't think it was that violent at all. The writers showed more imagination in the script then violence as well. So it worked out well. Out in Space its Clean and Pure with No violence/bickering/Problems. Thank GOD. Amen to that...
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The Presentation was Wonderful!! It made me feel very good that you take your Time and Effort to give us this info. That was So very Nice of you! Its just a nice genuine heartfelt connection. What more can we ask for? Thank you.
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Great!! Who would have thought of the 3 Muskateers in 3D?! Perfect. That'll be Awesome. Please don't modernize it too much. Thank you.
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Excellent!! Can't wait to see it.
"I'm sick of hack actresses being put into films just because they are physically attractive."

So am I sick of the above as well! I think Megan did a good job acting in T2! Even other actors were abused to by Mr. Bay; does that mean that All Sons and Daughters agree to his abuse/or deserve to be abused becoz they work???! Good for Her for walking away from that kind of treatment. As for a few commenters that wanted her to keep working in that kind of environment: Its got Nothing to do with "stifling her pride and showing up to work" - as one commenter said her action showed she Didn't want 2 be treated like that! A lot of actors/actresses Aren't treated like that!

So a few commenters said that she should have acted in T3 and stayed becoz of the $$. Money has nothing to do with abuse. You work, get paid and stay in that job and then move onto another job, if you feel compelled to do that. Tons of people are Not abused on their job and Contribute very much to Society and stay in their job for a long time.


I Totally Agree with you. When I hear when Mr. Bay apologises to the People he abused, I will then go see his movies. Untill then I'll have to remember Not to see his movies again. I have gone to a Lot/tons of movies almost my entire life, and I don't like supporting any employor who just Thinks he/she can abuse some1, just becoz he pays them to Do a job! So my movie ticket pays the Director/actors/actresses etc. and my money is Not given to a Director/Producer to abuse Anyone!
Something that is Not acceptable to me and I guess a lot of Canadians. We in Canada are blocked from seeing the above video!! Why?? The "reason" stated is we don't live in the United States. We Support Lost and in some cases have seen some episodes. Why do you people let us see it and support it on tv and not on the internet?? It just doesn't make sense. Lots of us go down to the States to shop. We are your neighbors who share in doing and supporting your movies as well. You shoot movies here too. We can also say we won't look at your tv programs too!
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"First off, I'll start by saying that I am a fan of Heroes, but it was getting pretty ridiculous. You can't say that they didn't "give them chances" when they were on for four seasons."

"decisions of theirs is the reason why there's nothing to watch anymore"

I absolutely Agree with both of you! This past season was a little too much to look at; thats true. They put a couple more actors in the show and that took away from us seeing the other actors we like a lot. In other words, we saw our Favourite actors/actresses Less, They didn't have to have so many lines! After awhile, I was finding that I was waiting till their lines were over so I could finally get to see my favs act. Not to say that the 2 new actor/actress weren't good actors. They're certainly are Very Good at acting but just to add 2 more to the mix is too much to keep track of. We had to keep track of all of the regulars story-lines as it was.

I find there is lots to watch but NOT like Heroes and what is Terrible right now is 2 exact same shows are on but they are on 2 Different stations!! They are Not good shows at all. Boring. There is SO Much in Life that could be on, that is Good Quality that is Interesting!! They televise shows that They Want us to watch Not what WE Want to watch!
Hire someone that has Good Interesting and Original ideas! Theres Tons of People out of work and I'm not one of them But they have Really Good Ideas and it would be worth your while and Ours to hire them!! Why keep looking at the new shows that are being put on TV if the Stations keep cancelling THEM???!!
I put a thumbs down and it Didn't work, so I thought I'd say it Here. I've read a lot of Reviews and some People Didn't like the 2nd sequel and neither did I. Too many transformes and Bad ones and Not Enough GOOD ones. Kind of Weak plot. I Loved the 1st one anyway! It just lacked a stronger plot in the 2nd one. LaBeouf said that he hated it to. I didn't hate but I didn't like it either.
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Oh wow, it'll be on tv in the fall? Isn't that something Great. Thank you!
That will be Very Interesting. I Can't wait to see it. I Hope it won't be filled too much with fighting with the dinosaurs!! There were a Lot of different survival things they were doing back then. Maybe I suggest you should research that. Then and only then it Should Be interesting!
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