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This is the 1st time I looked at a Poster and thought "I am going to this movie". First time for everything. Also sounds like it will be Very Interesting. Now finallly hollywood is getting more original plots. Thank you.
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Rstars wrote a comment about the news item Jon Tenney Joins the Cast of Green Lantern
I Love the Poster. Thank you. But a past movie poster included Green Lantern's whole body. I much perfer that but this is a Good second.
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When they started Regularly making remakes most of the time they weren't that Good! Now adays some of them are downright Not good. So I agree with most of the Posters that that Film Shouldn't be remade. On the other hand, some of us haven't seen too many olden time movies, so If they turn out a Good one, then it would be good to see it. Another thing if the story is relative one to history, then some people may appreciate it being done again. But again if it is poorly made; it does disservice to the original movie. Most actors/actresses really would add to the plot if they do great acting too.
I rate this: One thumb Down. Its doesn't work when I click on the above thumbs. I will NOT go see a "docmentary" mocking someone!! I will NOT support you in this "endeaveor". If you tell us he did this or that; How do I know if what he did was Fact or Fiction?? This is beyond the ridiculous - if you make a doc about everyone treating people badly that Wouldn't be appropriate! So why do that to just one Person? What about yourselves > have you ever been rude or not nice to ANYONE? Well, what if I made a doc about the Unkind things you Did? How would You Feel? You Wouldn't like it, so how would you expect Anyone else to like it done to them??

Treat other Human Beings with Dignity and then Maybe they may emulate you by behaving the way you do, for the Good of all! Please do Not support people like this and if you want, go watch another Motivating/Inspiring movie.
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I think the 3rd one was a bit Boring to say the least! If there R sequels with movies, I unfortunately Don't watch most of them. I Don't go to a 2n or 3nd sequel if it is boring, but for the 4th sequel of this series, I will go see it and if you are wasting my time, then I Won't B seeing a 5th sequel, if there is a 5th one.

Yes, I agree, that its good news that there is a 4th one! Thank you! I also agree with Jimthar.
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Theres Nothing bizarre about the above pic or the other ones.
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Really Cool. I bet it will turn out to be interesting. Thank you for a differnent plot then the boring ones we'e been mostly getting the last few yr.'s.
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I've hardly been watching it because of a lot of other reality shows. So this time around I'll watch it and see if I want to continue watching it. The few episodes I saw, I liked them! Thank you to all.
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"K-Man" I Do and so does a Lot of other People. Yes, if there is Any s***al deviancy in this movie or the next one, it'll be my last Twilight movie, I go to!! That wasn't much of a Trailer. Why bother putting one out if theres really nothing to it?
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"Todd89" I 100% Agree with You. About Underworld 3: the 2nd one was extremely boring to watch. Will Never go to another one! I just absolutely Loved the 1st one and I knew and Really Believed that it had great potential!! I read Reviews for it and most people didn't like the 2nd one.
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It does look interesting!
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