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@skywise Very good point! Charlie Hunnam as He-Man, I never thought of that, he's a great actor and Bill Nighy as Skeletor would be great, he has an amazing voice and could bring a very creepy voice for the character and him under Skeletor's make-up, is just Great!.
@mr-k Seth Graham-Smith wrote the book and the screenplay for the film, I think the problem of the film was the director, because the cast was very good, as for the serious and dark tone of the book as you say, I would be interested to read it sounds like a lot better than the movie and interesting. Is there any type of continuation at the end of it? because the ending of the film left a chance to Dominic Cooper to return.
@gandoff I agree, Hemsworth as He-Man and Weaving as Skeletor, he has the voice and physicality. If not Hemsworth Another actors for the role of He-man could be Josh Duhamel or Jared Padalecki. As for Skeletor, if not Weaving, maybe Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes. I hope they do a good job with this film and go more on the mithology.
@themoviefanatic Yeah, that was the running time for Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter, and I thought it was too long, I wanted to see more action than the serious touch they tried to show. Hansel and Gretel is what Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter should have been, action packed and Fun. the question is what will be the title for the second film of hansel and gretel, maybe: Hansel and Gretel: The Quest for Red Riding Hood, hahaha.
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So Stark sees his home on tv surrounded by helicopters preparing to shoot? Nice! and why doesn't Shield help, since they monitor everything that happens around the globe? plothole? or they have an explanation in the film? If the White House is attacked, what shield is doing, to not protect the interest of the US? or a they so sure Tony Stark can handeled all by himself? Well I think that only happens is Superhero films.
@thedude-abides Agreed and if not Tom Hardy.
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Is Pacific Rim rated R?!!
@themoviefanatic Before watching the film, yes, but after watching it, yes you kinda want to see more, but is appropiate. it goes like this: Introduction of characters, witches killing spree, the two siblings hunting them, a lot of action and humor, ending. That's why I want the sequel to be more story and character driven with the action, humor and fun the first film had, I just think it would be awesome to see. if they do it like this expect at least 1hr 50 mins running time minimum. Renner and Arterton are just Great as Hansel and Gretel.
Love the Oscorp presence in this films, gives the story suspense. Norman Osborn will definitely become The Green Goblin in the third film. Mary Jane has only an introduction to the story in this film, since Woodley finished filming her scenes, but she's a Tomboy by the look of the pics, not the model we all know.
@moviemouse I think that as well, Electro burn footsteps.
@themoviefanatic What I mean was that when you enter the theater to see the movie you don't expect to much of it, but getting out you just go: "That was a Fun movie!", the running time was fair. I hope for the sequel like @corey said, better CGI.
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@cheetoboy I was thinking that too, the beginning of the film set in japan with watanabe founding Godzilla or he could be playing a japanese scientist, giving more information about the japanese-born monster.
@themoviefanatic I saw the movie and the running time was okay for the type story and action, is one of those movies that you don't ecpect to much of and at the end is quite a good film. the chemistry between the two leads was good, the story short and understandable, the witches were very impressive, specially Famke Janssen, the action very good, overall, a good saturday night film. As for the sequel I hope they do it a more story driven film, they can do a lot with the sequel, the first film as i said was very good.
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Great Cast!
@bryanyentz Agreed man. Jackson had a limited vision to The Lord of the Rings, but Cameron could do anything with the world of Pandora, he has unlimited options. In the first film he introduced us to the Na'vi and there environment and there religion and a love story between two different beings, He could do so much more with the two sequels and he says Jackson had it easy? Cameron your age is noticing, be better than that!
@josedrosa Agreed
I Thought they were shooting in Japan, but I guess the producers want to show a rebuild Chicago. Like @themoviefanatic you said they need to focus more on the Transformers.
Who could play the villain?, i would suggest Hugo Weaving, but he already played a similar role with Red Skull in Cap. Any One?
@cheetoboy Agreed
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Looks Awesome!

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