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3rd Movie? I should hope so since the main actors signed up for three. I just wish these movies wouldn't be so far between. It's annoying like TV series are now. Too little, too late. Looking forward to Abrams keeping the Star Trek backstory solid and not becoming a Nolan rip off. You can be good without being "dark."
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@mcleve02 Good response. Thank you for staying civil. It is little seen today. I'm hoping the conversation continues. Violence is a serious subject and should be treated that way, and discussed openly and in the light it deserves.
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Also @mcleve02 when are Americans finally going to be outraged at the excessive violence in our country and in our movies, tv and video games that we say enough is enough? This nut in Aurora didn't think all this up in his tiny
weird mind. If violence were REALLY OKAY, would Warner Bros. pull the guns out of the DNR previews?? It is a dirty open secret that violence is okay, and it is time the secret was brought into the light. There is much good in this life to experience. DNR should have had an R rating. Pure and simple. Or, better, toned down. I hear what a great job Heath Ledger did as the Joker (which I saw) and all I remember is how immorally evil he was in the movie. Cynicism says Good is gone in this country and Evil is okay, but how can you say that after at least three people sacrificed their lives to save their loved ones in Aurora? Time to push Evil out the door.
By the way, how do you know Hans Zimmer had nothing to do with the teaser music?
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@mcleve02 it doesn't matter who wrote it - it is LOTR and misrepresents the MOS - it obviously is going to be super violent with Nolan's involvement and will get a PG13 because violence is OK with many Americans and sex is not. And we forget about mass killings every day in this country.
Besides, Superman has always been MY hero and I hate to see him ruined for future generations. Can't we have Good win once and stop glorifying the Bad people, movies or not?
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My first and lasting impressions of the teaser are two: Is Superman going the route of Batman and becoming a dark anti-hero hero because Christopher Nolan seems to hate them both; and two, why the spot-on copying of one of the LOTR themes in the preview? You'd think by listening you were getting a Hobbit preview. Howard Shore must be really upset with Hans Zimmer.
Yes I am grateful also for a final 13. I'm just dismayed at the trend, which seems to come from Britain and HBO. 39 weeks' wait for repeating seasons of ANY show is extreme. Absence does not always make the heart fonder, but make the mind wander (as well as the remote/dvr. I have given up on so many promising shows from the BBC and HBO because of their timidness and lack of commitment to projects they present to us.
13 and not 22 episodes?? Fox is not very gracious nor are they supportive of the one truly groundbreaking show they've had for these past 4 seasons. Fringe is truly one fantastic show and Fox is one greedy network. I'm just sorry they couldn't be better than their faux news division.
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"all of which move at the speed of drying mud" - if that were so this new reboot wouldn't have made half the money it did. The original and the Undiscovered Country, maybe, but not the others. It would be folly to dismiss what has come before, for that is why this is now, and great, thanks to the wonderful copies of the original actors and ships.
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When does gore get old - instead of good writing, lots of torn and shredded bodies? Deadens senses, encourages more gore. A good story should survive on its own without it.
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It wasn't that bad, not as bad as Alcatraz anyway - that's just a crime show with 350 possible episodes (inmates disappeared). Fox is greedy and wants the easy money like Idol. Terra Nova had class. Cancelling the great Fringe is next. So much for Fox. I never liked you in the first place for what your news division has done to hurt this country.
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Guess my sarcasm was lost on a few. If this were the real, new intro the show would be deader than the zombies in it, idiot!
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Wow. This is what a corporate takeover looks like. Greed is running the show. Product placement should be hilarious. Didn't know it was a comedy, or family show, either. Zombie cereal for breakfast, son? Food of the Greedy!


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