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F*ck it, I'm done.
I'm gonna need two guns for this suicide.
U wot?
Here's a better ending:

"F*ck it, we're done, we f*cked these movies up, so we're selling Spider-Man back to Marvel. Surprise!"
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Michael Kolesik wrote a comment about the news item 10 Most Unwatchable TV to Movie Adaptations
Hey, I liked Wild Wild West and My Favorite Martian!
Sounds interesting, just as long as we don't get three million sex scenes between Jace Beleren and Liliana Vess.
God, just let these sh*tty movies die already!
Are you f*cking kidding me.
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Good. At least it's not dead.
U fokn wot m8?
Between the two, I hope it's C*mberbatch
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This is weird, considering she refused an Alien 5 offer in the past
Michael Kolesik wrote a comment about the news item Is Robert Pattinson the Next Indiana Jones?
U fokn wot m8?
This is bull sh*t. This was obviously voted on by fanboys who let their subjectivity get in the way of rational thought.
How about no?

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