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@themoviefanatic What I mean is it's NOT gonna be a reboot, because Disney knows how pissed off the fans if they do that. Disney's smarter than that. If they rebooted PoTC, it would be molotovs through the windows, fire and brimstone raining from the sky, cats and dogs living together... mass hysteria.
I'm not saying Orlando Bloom's lying. I'm saying he's mistaken and wrong about anything concerning a reboot.
It's not gonna happen
This kinda sounds like a mess
Little weird, but I can see it working
@writer220 It's an MMORPG, like World of Warcraft. I play it, and it's really good. It takes place 40 years after Spock and Nero disappeared in the primary universe, and because of that event, the whole primary universe has gone crazy. Of course, they don't know the JJ-verse exists, so everyone thinks Spock and Nero are dead while the Primary universe storyline continues.
@pack-rulz1978 Fans have hated the JJ movies. Frakes directed First Contact, one of the greatest Trek movies of all time. Your argument is rendered invalid.
PLEASE let it happen. I beg of you.
Uh... what?
Remember kids, don't do drugs.
Because no one ever says they want to voice Sonic when they grow up.
I think it's funny that they used a picture for Star Trek Online up there. That game takes place in the primary universe. Not the JJ-verse.
I completely agree. Michael Keaton was the best batman and forever will be.
Not the pompous Val Kilmer.
Not the horrible George Clooney.
Not the tryhard 12-year-old Christian Bale.

It's Michael Keaton. Period.
Better idea: seal the deal with Marvel. You obviously can't handle sh*t when it comes to Spider-Man, Sony.
@writer220 Yeah, I know about the new show. It was supposed to be centered around Worf.
But there's no "problem" of merging the two universes. Each universe has it's own story, and that's okay. As it is, the story of the primary universe is currently still going in Star Trek Online. They even get actors from the shows to voice in that game.
Sony, if you're smart, you'll work with Marvel. However you DID make Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2...

(Pssst... since you're obviously too stupid, I have to explain the joke. You suck, Sony)
@rjh094 Agreed. That's exactly why I thought the dark knight trilogy was horrible. Trying to make a "realistic" version of batman is like trying to make Harry Potter realistic. Not only that, there were so many plotholes and retarded script-writing that it was just a freakin' mess. The only reason why the kiddies liked them was because it was 12-year-old tryhard edgy grimdark.
True Ending:
Bruce is a freakin' douchebag *sshole that chose to break Alfred's heart by making him think he was dead up until he chose a remote spot to tell him "Ha! Gotcha! Wasn't that so funny how I made you cry because you thought I was dead?! I'm so funny and awesome, huh?!"
Seriously, that ending f*cking sucked.
The primary universe that we grew up with with Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, etc is still going and is still intact. Vulcan never got destroyed in the primary universe. Nero caused it to split and created an alternate universe.
And the "Hope and Change" circle-jerk continues!
Get over it.
That made me laugh way more than it should have XD

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