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The complaints of Man of Steel weren't because fanboys are holding on to the old movies. It's because the movie had dozens of scenes that were logically STUPID.
For example, all of Zod's men getting sucked into a black hole while Lois fall safely away? Good news guys, Lois is immune to gravity!
And why the f*ck does Superman apparently not give a crap about collateral damage? He's supposed to be Superman for christ's sake, why the f*ck did he put so many people in danger?
Dear Avi Arad... f*ck you.
You clearly have no idea how the marvel universe works.
And you clearly are doing these movies only for money. You have no soul in this.
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So when does this movie take place in the Arkham games storyline?
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How about a "This movie's going to suck, so let's scrap the whole thing" story?
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Oh great, Alan B. Orange's neckbeard loser speech comes out again.
Hardly ANYONE thinks Into Darkness was the worst of the franchise, you idiot.
Seriously, when are you going to put out the effort to raise your I.Q. higher than a goldfish?
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Good. Some of the expanded universe is good, but just about an equal amount of it REALLY sucks.
U fokn wot m8?
God dammit, Hollywood
@undeadslayer4 Um, excuse me? What alternate universe reality did you come from? The Lego Movie looked awesome from day one, and as soon as the trailers hit, everyone got so excited that their heads exploded.
That was a very bad comparison, sir.
And here's my evidence that TMNT is gonna suck:
1. Nickelodeon Studios. Does the Last Airbender ring a bell?
2. Michael Bay.
3. Tryhard edginess a la Transformers movies.
4. Michael Bay.
5. Michael Bay.
That's all you need to know.
Wait wait wait, let me get this straight.
You're telling me that Fox REFUSED to work with Marvel Studios to promote X-Men and Marvel Universe... And even threatened to SUE Marvel Studios over it...
But they're just fine working with SONY?!
@undeadslayer4 Never said it was yours
Why am I not freakin' surprised.
@undeadslayer4 That's nice, honey. I still say they both sucked.
@themoviefanatic Nope, I didn't. But now I do
I actually didn't know that Vision is going to be in it
Hopefully not.
The only way I support any kind of spider-man movie would be if it was done by Marvel Studios. Screw Sony.
They both sucked

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