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There is no god
You. F*cking. Prick.
We're not mad at the fact they're women.
Nice try playing the feminazi "You just hate it 'cause you hate women" card, you f*cking prick.
"Edgier?" Wow, that is the most 12-year-old tryhard cringe-inducing statement I have ever heard come from a movie studio. F*ck you, Warner Bros.
Hahaha F*CK YOU, you pompous ass
Michael Kolesik wrote a comment about the news item Oscars 2015 Earns Lowest Ratings Since 2009
Yeah, this year sucked
U fokn wot m8?
I like this guy
They debunked this rumor weeks ago. Get it together, Movieweb.
@instead8909 You're wrong. Dan came out and revealed that all these reports of Bill "stabbing him in the back" were all lies. A bunch of trolls were only trying to stir the pot, nothing more, nothing less. Dan's said a million times that he and Bill are great friends.
Wait wait wait, Boba's supposed to be a CLONE of Jango Fett. Why not just get the actor who played Jango back? Unless you're planning on having Boba never take his helmet off, this is gonna be awkward
U fokn wot m8?
Michael Kolesik wrote a comment about the news item Disney Wants Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones
At first I hated the very NOTION of rebooting Indiana Jones. But then this happened.
Yeah, and probably for good reason. Lucas has become an idiot over the last couple decades.
How about NO.
@Stuart-Reeves I like you
Better idea: cancel it completely
Didn't even know they were doing this
Really? Do we REALLY need this?
And we should care because...?
Michael Kolesik wrote a comment about the news item Gremlins Reboot Is on Indefinite Hold
Well that sucks

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