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M'Ali Muji wrote a comment about the news item Steven Seagal Wanted for The Expendables 3
how about l.ferrigno vs a.schwarzenegger, j.vandame vs s.segal d.johnson (the rock) vs t.crews, j.chan vs, d.lundren vs v.diesel, jai.white vs w.snipes, h.jackman vs j.statham, b.lesner vs r.courture, m.damon vs keanu.reeves, l.neeson vs m.rourke, j.travolta vs k.russell, shaq.o'neal vs c.norris, c.bale vs c.helmsworth, a.pacino vs r.deniro and s.jackson vs b.willis

now this will never happen in a million years but, be great to see some of these old guys get to biz. ... money on brock!!!
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