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I disagree with @pjwolsker. In "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009) the claws don't look fake because they're brand new. No, the plastic look is due to a careless and awful work by the special effect department of that lazy movie.

It's understandable that any filmmaker with a little criterion wouldn't want to be linked with such a failure. Even the f*cking name was out of order!

I'm not a fan of Darren Aronofsky, but I do find him a good director. He really has a mature vision and it's palpable in every one of his movies. He knows how to work with actors, how to achieve a greater performance of them. And that's really valuable.

Until now, we haven't seen our beloved character treated in a more complex and interesting way. If Christopher McQuarrie delivered a worthy script (driving Wolverine's story to the top) and is translated to the screen with Aronofsky's creative capacity at his best, it's possible that we'll finally see the movie that we've been waiting for.

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The first movie worked as a clock. But the second one was a major disappointment.

What can we really expect of a third film?
Adrianne Palicki is hot! She has a great body, no doubt of that. But her acting's skill . . .

I wouldn't like another soap opera as "Smallville". It's time to try something new!
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What a sad and admirable case. This german guy is so convinced of his talent as a filmmaker.

It's a fact that box office has been on his side many times. But it also true that a ranking of hollywood's worst movies should take almost anything he has done.

Agreed too. Thanks for sharing that thought @narrator.

I think I know what forum you're talking @slysnide.
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Thanks for your comments @dan1 and @ejk1.
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It seems I'm gonna be a lonely voice here. I must say that I find "The Dark Knight" one of the most overrated films in a long time. I mean it.

I do like "Batman Begins", it has a better narrative structure. David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan delivered a much coherent story and well written script for this 2005 film than they both (with Jonathan Nolan) did in the sequel of 2008.

Chris Nolan has been working for some time on this new script. But "I'll finish it in two weeks" it's not a sign for a quality job. I could be wrong. I hope.
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The suit actually looks pretty decent in this picture (compared with all the photo sets we have already seen).

With the right angle and lighting almost anything is possible!
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A really good achievement in acting and visual effects.
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Hi, I'm new here. I'm gonna start off saying that I'm very interested about this new X-Men's film. I liked the work done by Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and, of course, Kevin Bacon. They're all very fine actors. That's one good reason to see this movie. But this trailer is weak for me, it really looks made by a fan. It's has a creepy montage. And I hope the music employed really be a test to accompany the footage.

Another aspect that bother me is the apparent necessity to validate this new film at the shadow of the others. The production declared that this one is a prequel, but it seems more like a reboot. One possible explanation for that is to maintain audience's attention for the development of a future X-Men 4 (a follow-up story to the events we saw in that big piece of crap called "X-Men: The Las Stand").

I believe that this film should stand by itself. The images and texts making reference to Patrick Stewart's Professor X and Ian McKellen's Magneto are completely expendables. Perhaps an audio of them could have work better. It was interesting the idea of using that JFK's speech with the footage. But the montage doesn't take full advantage of that.

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