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I love this brilliant drama and too much excited for enjoy Smallville finale season 10 at but also worry, as after the smallville season 10 finale there will no more smallville episode and i am just addicted to watch it's episodes regular basis.
Top five tv show right now in my opinion are:

Pretty little liars
Vampire Diaries
Gossip girl

Today i am getting excited to watch glee season 2 episode 20 telecast and just going for enjoy it at just after it's telecast
Love this show and now have enjoyed it's all season 5 episodes. but now i am waiting for season 6 new episodes announcement . I just hope they will announce it soon.
If someone here missed its any episode from season 5 then can visit at
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Lost was great sci-fi drama ever. But i don't like it's end. Although i disappointed after watch lost finale, but now again started watch lost from it's starting episode at as for it's brilliant mysterious storyline and stuffs.
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Great Trailer! thanks for it. Now i am getting excited to watch smallville finale. just waiting for it's telecast to enjoy the video at

But i am also worry about it's end.
I love this show, because kinda show like supernatural or horror always entertain me with creating great fear or apprehension in my mind at the time of enjoy it. Although my mom always avoid me to watch supernatural kinda series, but i always avoid her sweet voice, whenever i listen about it's any new episode updates and directly visit at to enjoy the awful storyline.
it was good drama show, and i love watch it's episodes on my every weekend at , when this show was running. but after enjoy the end episode, about the mystery revealed storyline. I still not wish for go enjoy the episodes of Lost tv show over again. But if you wish for watch it then can visit at that site. you can enjoy it there.
Last week i gonna watch The Dark Fields recently aired movie and also gonna watch the finale episodes of Pretty little liars and Glee season 2 at
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I think there should be a movie of good game Evil space Chicken. There is great action, adventure in this game and i wanna it's movie.
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I love this brilliant drama and love all character roll in the show. I've just finished it's finale episode of season 1 at if someone here wanna watch it then should gonna enjoy it. it just awesome and worthy watch.
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I've just watched Glee season 2 episode 16 online at
it was totally awesome. all three original song was amazing.


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