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This guy is no Gareth Evans, that's for sure! Look what that guy did with a minimal budget on the first Raid movie. This looks to be the quality of a college film project for which it received a B.
How is it his first ever sequel? Kill Bill Vol. 2? Title it how ever you like, it is a sequel. Also, they better bring Antonio back in as Zorro. He could still rock it.
Justin Neault wrote a comment about the news item GIVEAWAY: Win Huge Expendables 3 Prizes!
The fact that this is Snipes return, makes this movie a must see. I should win because I didn't watch the film online. It has to be experienced on the big screen!
A little late on the April fools joke there Donner.
My math might be off. That felt like a real fast four minutes.
Every director should be jumping at this offer!
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Justin Neault wrote a comment about the news item Non-Stop Trailer Starring Liam Neeson
This man is a legend!
If it's not Hellboy 3, I couldn't give a $hit
can't think of a pacific reason why it should be me that gets these prizes over all the other people here. But I am going out on a rim here and pleading that you choose me. Or god help me, I'll build a giant robot to smash the Movie Web office.
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"The best activities for your health are pumping and humping." Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I will be following the gospel of Arnie until the end of days. You know how I stay in shape? By running man! Plus, pumping iron when I can. It makes me feel like a real predator when I go lady hunting; looking for that twins fantasy until the day I die. If things get wierd though I won't hesitate to terminate her and our relationship. For every one down, ten will come next. This is true; lies are for the weak minded. If I win this poster, I will go at my walls like a human eraser to make room for this prized piece of Arnie history. I will go see the new film tonight, and I will not be the last standing in line. If any jackass is one his phone during the movie, I will take him out like a hardened commando!

Welcome back Arnie!!!
Like any logical human being, I'll wait for the trailer to pass judgment. Then I'll actually see the movie to form a proper opinion.
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@ Trauma - Ummm. You did gather that he was terminally ill, right? The whole point of his story line was one last outing, living rather that waiting to die. Plus, his sacrifice made escape for others possible. He was able to die a hero.
I deserve to win. Why? One time Woody Harrelson was filming a movie in my hometown. Unbeknownst to me. I was driving back into town and I saw a hitchhiker. Being a good Canadian, I gave him a lift. It was Woody! No BS. We chatted as I drove him to the sound stage. Cool dude. His ride broke down and it was cold out, so rather than chill in the car. He stuck out his thumb. He said a bunch of people passed him, lucky me. I didn't act star strucked or bother him too much. Just small talk as I drove him. Said he was filming a movie called Sleepwalking, or something like that. Really cool guy.
Jim Bremser-"If they are aliens, then they wouldn't technically be turtles or mutants. Also, if they were teenagers, which planet are we using for years? Earth or their homeworld? They would probably not be ninjas either unless there is such a thing as space Japan which seems unlikely. So, instead of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they would simply be Aliens. I already saw that movie."
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Justin Neault wrote a comment about the news item CONTEST: Win Big from Act of Valor!
^Because of what that guy said.
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