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As a child this was one of my all time favorite movies..These new generation kids don't know anything about Jumanji..and arent interested..It will Bomb hard! Like an Eddie Murphy film (recent films)
@themoviefanatic Never had a chance.
ofcourse it is going to get 500mil, but I dont think it will hit the Billion mark, it is making well below what many people believed. But then im going off of box office mojo comparisons with TDK and Avengers
It won't happen, don't worry.
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Some scenes look like a video game..hope they fix it. Looks decent though.
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If I want a good story i'll read a book, Thor is one of my favorite Marvel heroes. THOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought Justin Long was good with the humor
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Doesn't matter I won't watch it. So this comment doesn't matter. But then again..what matters?
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Oh and by the way. Warner Brothers will be donating money to the victims of the massacre. Just thought you guys should know that, since some of you were talking about it, and doubted that they would.
@XxNickTheFilmCriticXx I lose I.Q points everytime i see your name. GET OUT OF HERE!
@thedude1 Only to the paranoid. @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx You just mad, im biased but you haven't seen the avengers? *coughs* Hypocrite.
Also RT believes Avengers is the better movie, percentage wise. =)
@superman81 Loki is a better villain than any Dc Villain except, Joker, Zod, Darkseid, and Doomsday.
What up with all the excuses of why their B.O isn't over 200k? Let it go, I was right, you were wrong. ( Optimus Prime Voice)
I literally LOL'ed at you're Cartmans first comment. I think he is the MW troll
@unknown21 eh..nah.
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