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I know this is supposed to be clever or symbolic or whatever. But it just comes off as aggravating to me lol
Top five is the best comedy in years, but no one really knows what it is. Hopefully their numbers improve.
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But why are the raptors ignoring Chris Pratt? that whole good dinosaur vs bad dinosaur better not be true
@superman81 @instead8909 I said since, meaning Inception was his peak, it only went downhill from there.
No Nolan only your Dark knight followers and worshippers hold you to a higher standard such as @mwheeler1324. The rest of us..well, since inception, don't.
@mr-k You win
@rjh094 @therealGoku Ofcourse he is going to say that. Let's not be fooled, Iron Man boosted his career EPICLY! He stated he did not want to be tied down to a franchise but lets be honest. The judge...wasn't that great, he isn't being bombarded with offers I'm sure. So he is going to play it safe, because he knows the world loves Ironman and he does not want to pull a Terrence Howard. Cause Marvel when provoked will have no issues replacing him.
Who the hell cares. I just don't get the hype with this man. Yes TDK was a great film, mostly due to the praise of Ledger..somewhat over hyped due to the fact of his passing.( I don't care what anyone says, that is a factor of his praise, that is a guaranteed FACT! It is human nature). Inception to me was his best film as @ObiWanShinobi said. But I don't get people who worship anything he touches and automatically assume its a masterpiece...give me a break.
@thedude1 I too disagree, It wasn't him being the butt of the joke. I mean it was physically Hulk vs Loki. Do you really think Loki stood a chance? The fact they even let him go toe to toe with Thor upset me, but him going toe to toe with Hulk even in a serious notion, would have been more upsetting to most. But when you say "most complained about it" I haven't heard ANYONE, complain about that scene.
@ObiWanShinobi I have to agree. From what I heard this movies tries to hard with its emotion and scientific theories to try to prove that it's legit (theories). For those of us who aren't science majors (I'm a criminology major and hate science) this kind of thing doesn't hold our attention very long. and for @k-man, a little logic here and there is fine, but please don't make it seem like you go to the theaters to be educated. Because if you are..well...
@Brizzy @superman81 I was referring to the season when the All father is asleep and Thor defends Asgard against evil, (including trolls, giants, dark elves, and demons) that are normally under control by enchantress and Loki. They too call that time period Ragnarok
Fail research, Ragnarok was a cycle of enemies that tried to destroy Asgard every hundreds or thousands of years, it was expected, like a season.
People who cry about debating marvel and DC fans must not be interested in any sports. It's natural for fans to debate whose better, just like people debate whose sports teams are better. If you are tired of reading it, don't come to the site.
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Epic win for Marvel...EPIC!
This is AWESOME!!!!
I don't get why people are complaining about Godzilla screen time. I thought that it kept us from having him forced down our throat, while also keeping every minute we see the King of monsters cherishable
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@instead8909 Didn't realize you were his publicist or relative. Tell me more about how you "know"
Joshua Hollaway wrote a comment about the news item Hugh Jackman Is Returning for Wolverine 3
@ejk1 Some people just don't get it. lol
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As a big NBA fan I say hell yes! and rent is due for who? Definitely not Lebron James lol
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I think I will pass

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