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well ill be back is really back haha! cool
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youre kidding me right is this a joke harrison ford on expendables 3 no way i loved bruce willis but harrison ford whats he going to play anyway i would like to know that myself
i was a fan of those movies specialy christmas vacation it was too damn funny if they reunite for another one it would be fun
i never wanted steven seagal jackie chan if its true but that guy as the villain nah !!
you kidding right another die hard movie
all i know now is that jackie chan will be on expendables 3 but not nic cage thank god
i still own the trilogies of resident evil even afterlife but i always prefer the second one and third one they were pretty good and i havent seen retribution yet so if this is the last resident evil they going to do then make a big conclusion okay its been a great franchise
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