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is he about to sneeze?
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actually excited to see this film
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even though its a 555 number i want to call it and see what happens
in the comics its called 'the iron legion' where starks close & not so close friends wear an armor suit to try and stop ultimo
looks awesome
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Jacob Fredrick wrote a comment about the news item The Croods Trailer
flinstones crossover with avatar...sweet!
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@rufio i think they want space between cpt.america 2 and guardians/galaxy
@superman81 we all know norman osbounre is iron patriot,but once again marvel does not own the movie rights to the "spiderman" movie characters
anybody who is a marvel fan knows that stark doesn't keep a suit for long, i mean this is not going to be the only suit he wears. im pretty sure he'll wear others,take iron man 2 for example
@brady1138 no that is war machine,just painted different
i work at a theater and these posters have invaded....i hate it
@skywise i think we all do
triple gross
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just like the real sif

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