Napoleon Dynamite

""If I had to describe Napoleon Dynamite, I'd describe it as a very lengthy YouTube video. If this description doesn't appeal to you, than this film probably won't either.""
JLFM gave it 3.0 Stars

Muppet Treasure Island

""Some smiles, one or two chuckles, and not a single belly laugh.""
JLFM gave it 1.5 Stars

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

""The Hobbit tops all three of it's predecessors, and provides an engaging and entertaining experience for Tolkien fans and newcomers.""
JLFM gave it 4.0 Stars


""One of the best films that 2012 has to offer.""
JLFM gave it 4.5 Stars

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

""Will only entertain those who enjoyed the previous two entries.""
JLFM gave it 2.0 Stars

I Am Legend

""I Am Legend provides a thoroughly creepy experience that's worth the price of admission for the atmosphere alone.""
JLFM gave it 3.5 Stars

Arthur Christmas

""It's funny, it's cute, it's warm. What more could you ask of a Christmas film?""
JLFM gave it 3.5 Stars

Wreck-It Ralph

""Wreck-It Ralph is unlikely to be considered one of Disney's best films, but it's certainly one of their funniest.""
JLFM gave it 4.0 Stars


""Animation lovers and movie buffs will have a scream.""
JLFM gave it 4.0 Stars


""Despite it's lack of originality, Mulan not only succeeds, but flourishes.""
JLFM gave it 4.0 Stars