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@ChiRep-1 Oh, is that the one you are referring to? The post I made for "Who wore it best?" ? Yup, I misplaced that post here earlier then I transferred it upon realizing. Thanks! :)
For me, the cast would be the following:

Snow White - Kristen Stewart (she was fitting as Snow White because of the nature of the story) / Teresa Palmer (make her brunette and she looks like a healthy twin of Kristen / Kristin Kreuk (She can be tough)

Huntsman - CHRIS HEMSWORTH (It isn't obvious that I like him, is it?)

Evil Queen - Charlize Theron (I love her being bad. XD) / Catherine Zeta-Jones (I'd like to see her play the bad lady... XD)

Prince - No, not Rob. I'd like it to be Chace Crawford or Steven Strait
Then movie's gonna be out in 2012. Of course, the cast has been chosen but if it were up to you, would you have made different choices?
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@corey To see every film of each decade would be a challenge, even if it is for a year. Good luck! :)
Ouch! Is it just from my computer or the pictures I posted been removed?
@SpaceCowboy So it is all right for me to post it here?
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Okay, I'm a certified dumb person right now. I still can't figure it out. Perhaps it's because of the wine my friend made me drink last night. ahahaha excuses. Okay, I just can't really figure it out.
@themoviefanatic Well, I really hope you are right with that. 'Cause as I and thousands other see, that's what the trailers showed and with the character of Tony Stark being loud. It's a bit expected.
@Tony-Fite Well, your point is understandable. However, I think Marvel and Disney will not waste millions to make the movie suck. Rest assured, with Joss Whedon on the director's seat and screenplay, Loki's presence in the movie as the antagonist will be awesome. Perhaps he might have harness some powers through Nick Fury from the power of what Nick Fury showed him at the end of Thor.
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Most of the Bond films I've watched were of Pierce Brosnan and I loved him as Bond. I was sad when I learned that he was passing the role to younger guy. Even though it may tough for his fans, it had to be done because the stunts are admittedly tough and risky and he is not getting any younger.

As for the latest Bond, I think I'm not the only one with the opinion that he has not been that accepted by Bond fans. Perhaps, it's just that Pierce Brosnan really left huge shoes to fill.
@futureoscar Me too. I think that was his intention in making the song. ;)
President Barack indeed has good choices. I wonder why he didn't include Breakfast at Tiffany's.hihihi
I was going to suggest The Secret Garden but then it is not a Christmas movie as I remember it to be.
Ouch! Dear Taylor Lautner has two movies in a year that people hate.


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50 First Dates


The Time Traveler's Wife


Maid in Manhattan


A Walk to Remember


Lake House


Notting Hill


(500) Days of Summer


I still have a lot of faves but I can't remember all of them right now.
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E ?


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