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So the deal has been made, will we see a new Peter parker in captain America 3? If so! Who's the new actor.
I have to agree on Sir Jackson, old novels and folktales are his expertise. He should also take a load off from big budget films, especially it'll also strain his back. He'll probably do son of Kong or create an original film. Like him and Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg should only do books.
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Ahhhh! #2,3,4 are films I cannot wait. Others are total BS.
He should do Kong: Skull island or son of Kong.
Malcolm would talk about his chaos theory, and Timmy will keep on saying: "are all the dinosaurs female?"
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We need Daken (aka the dark wolverine) son of Logan.
Sony is made up of business losers from here to Japan, and like any other businessman, they make poor and bad decisions and drown in their huge pile of sh**. They're better of what they do best: Make computers, electronics, and PlayStations. Let marvel do the great work, where they (Sony) failed to do.
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@darkdream Of course my friend, of course. Since there's not gonna be any original films, better stick to our two favorite classics and a comic book movie.
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Should've went with Peter Jackson's Son of Kong. Legendary pictures is going to ruin this beloved classic. Peter Jackson had years of development and story on bringing the big guy back on the big screen, especially a childhood love for the monster, and that's what made the movie great. In the extended director's cut, they explored the island and the dinosaurs and gave a down to earth fantasy adventure. Legendary think that with the success with Godzilla, they believe they'll do the same with kong. But with every success comes failure, and universal studios will be the one kissing Jackson's arse.
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Iron man and iron patriot would steal the show.
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Avengers, star wars and Jurassic world are the movies I'm going to see next year, the rest are just whatever.
Bring Jake Gyllenhaal as superior Spiderman. Also, bring shocker, black cat, silver sable, anti-venom, carnage, scream, and miles Morales as ultimate Spiderman. That's it. And bring Sam raimi and Edgar wright in the film. And no to Sony and Kevin feige, they'll ruin it.
Jake Gyllenhaal as superior Spiderman...nuff said.
Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright...yes as producer and director.
Black cat and silver sable as busty, well endowed, sexy whit haired women...yes to them both.
Carnage, scream, and anti-venom...yes to them.
Shocker...yes, but who'll play him...hmmmmm.
This will ultimately fail without Peter Jackson, Andy serkis, and weta.
Noooo...please, no more reboots, no more remakes, no...more...please. Good god. Just use the same or old actor to play the character, just enough of this nonsensical BS. Sony your killing us all, quit being a douchebag and make the phocking deal you piece of sh**. JUST DO IT.
Whoa guys, why is everyone angry with bale. Jeez, get over it.
Really! A gummy bear, she choked on a gummy bear and died. That's...really stupid. And about 1 million copies have been sold, by a girl choking on a soft candy. Wow.
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Huh! I thought the new storm troopers would look different as seen before. Yet they look the same.
It'll be great if you showed the original Jurassic Park gate and visitor center from JP1.
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There are some parts taken from Mr. Crichton's novel, like the genetically modified dinosaurs, water ride, and others. But the JW would be very good once it comes out to theaters. So no whining, no complaining, no crying about some irrelevant nonsense that you don't like about it, and just enjoy mr.Spielberg, Phil tippet (yes he has return), legacy effects, and ILM's creation.

But to me this film also dedicates and complements the works of Michael Crichton, Stan Winston, Lord Richard Attenborough and Pete Postlethwaite. So enjoy the flick once its released.

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