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Oh god please let the Fox, Sony and Marvel make a deal. Let the X-Men, X-Force, FF, and Spiderman be in the Avengers: Infinity War part 2. Please let it happen.
Too bad the engineers won't be in this one
They can have Nightwing as the new batman.
@themoviefanatic yup! Kind of a downer, but glad we get to see it yesterday.
Then they better have Russell Brand and Tim curry as jack's brother and uncle.
Metallo and brainiac please.
I would like to see this part of the phase three films.
Jeez why is Kevin Smith coming to these sets. I mean is he the nerd ambassador now.
Didn't Michael Bay said that this was the start of a new trilogy? And I have to agree with the Dinobots and Galventron (voiced by frank Welker, the original megatron). Fans wanted to see more Dinobots and their origins. And we all know Galventron will more screen time in the upcoming sequels. But what upset me was Ratchet's death to lockdown and the CIA. And besides we could see Arcee in the sequel.
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This movie is soo gonna piss off the Turkish people. Just as the movie 300 made Iran look bad.
Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner, with Paul Greengrass as director, I'm all in.
I would like to see Russell brand as Jack's brother along with Tim curry as "Ace" Brannigan as Jack's uncle, and of course Keith Richards as captain Teague.
I'd like too see the old Bruce Wayne in his seniority and his hardened age taking command behind the desk. As nightwing becomes the new batman for sure. But please no more joker, we had Jack Nicholson's joker in Tim Burton's batman, and the amazing Heath Ledger's legendary performance of a realistic psychopathic terrorist in the TDK trilogy. I think its time for a different villain like Hush, deathstroke, or the riddler to take the spot.
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So will Universal pictures going to do the film as they did the other two. Or will Disney going to take the spot.
It looks like Ryan Reynolds is going to be in the JL movie.
Well at least it'll take place during the medieval era, and the ottomans would be in this film. Kinda very interesting to see vlad impaling ottoman soldiers.
This is awesome news, Darkseid will be an opposing figure to JL, they should add Brainiac as a supporter of him, as their would be at least two powerful antagonists that even superman and green lantern would have trouble with. Anyhow, this is good news.
Soon RDJ, Chris Evans, Stan lee, and Samuel l. Jackson will follow suit. And marvel will have choice to bring him back, and kick out Kevin feige.
Marvel just made an epic douchebag move on this film. I mean, whatever happened to originality.
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Gareth Edwards said if he were to do a sequel, it'll be based on the "Destroy All Monsters" plot were prehistoric beasts like anguirus, gorosaurus, king ghidorah, and titanosaurus. And if he's does it, he needs a very good script with good writers that need to take time to think and go through it carefully with no rush , even Gareth would take time to think how the movie goes. But make it with a different direction, not the same repeated plot, but different, like having every nation hunt and destroy these creatures by sending their militaries, mercenaries or the like.

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