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David garcia wrote a comment about the news item Full Godzilla Muto Monster Revealed!
There's gonna be two MUTO's: a winged Muto, as seen in the picture above, and a eight-legged Muto. And there is another monster called Bladed Ram, a four legged behemoth that appears in the concept art. And no I'm not lying about this, since there'll be a total of four monsters in the film by which I don't know how they'll fit them, or wait for the directors cut.
Well Sony almost place Oscorp building in the avengers, when Disney made the movie too late.
David garcia wrote a comment about the news item Godzilla Toys Offer First Look at Muto Monster
If only if Rhedosaurus (beast from the 20,000 fathoms) could be in this movie. Monster dino vs Monster dino.
Once they built that avatar attraction in animal kingdom, Disney would buy the Avatar series by giving James Cameron $15 billion dollars. Lets Wait and see.
David garcia wrote a comment about the news item Is Iron Man 4 Part of Marvel Phase 4?
They should still do the War Machine spin-off, as Don Cheadle says he'll loved to be in one. I mean a fourth sequel won't be necessary as RDJ would be in the avengers sequels. But I would like to see him in the war machine movie (if they ever do one).
Will Ralph Fiennes be in this film
David garcia wrote a comment about the news item Ultron's Mask Revealed in Avengers 2 Set Video
Damn ultron looks like a beast. And the avengers has gone international, no wonder war machine is in the film, they need every help to cover as Tony Starks hulkbuster is in south Africa fighting with the hulk. Gonna be epic.
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The twelve labors seems very interesting, but in the story, he kills himself by burning where Zeus grants him a spot in Olympus.
So it no longer called the Thracian wars, what happened?
I smell a crossover with the titans.
David garcia wrote a comment about the news item Hugh Jackman Is Returning for Wolverine 3
Please let it be old man Logan and Daken, it'll be awesome to have a father vs son storyline.
Here we go again. First batman, and now wolverine, I'm starting to wonder if movieweb is becoming more of a speculative forum and not having real film news.
It'll be weird if they had Toby McGuire in the avengers if they can't make a deal with Sony.
There's one "BIG" difference, the Dark Knight trilogy is down to earth and dark/gritty film that takes a realistic and real world approach. Unlike with man of steel takes on a Sci-fi/supernatural approach that has an invulnerable godlike superhero like Kal-el doesn't fit in Nolan's canon and the TDK universe. Will they have a different background story for Ben Affleck's batman? Yes. But is it more of a parallel and alternate universe from Nolan's films? Could be. But this is more to be a Sci-fantasy film rather than a realistic film.
It'll be weird if they did a crossover with pirates of the Caribbean, or would be worse.
Can he bring jokes since now ultron is Starks machine.
I'll like to Hugh Jackman as old man Logan, he's already have the old dude look. But if wishes not to come, then he doesn't.

Yet their is one character I would like to see is Daken, aka the dark wolverine also Logan's only son from a Japanese woman. That will be very interesting. Speaking of Daken, surprised that Disney and joss whedon could've used him as an anti-hero (like Riddick) but with a mysterious past, a violent past. But hey if magneto's kids are in age of ultron why not daken.
Singer, put down the blunt and start correcting your mistakes and not make new ones.
I wish they could find an actress that can actually fits the role of her.
I heard before that this was a remake of the film earthquake. Any ideas that this is true.

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