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@Brizzy care to back up that statement? I think, considering how it was described initially, it's been pretty damn good. If you were expecting it to match up to any standards the movies may have set then you're living in a dream world to start with.
@monkeyiron2-0 To be fair, in Alien lore, that is one way it's looked at. Hence why Prometheus is "going back to our origins" and "finding our end" an' all that. S'not laughable when ya take into account the big picture.'s gonna be awesome.
@justagamer It's a prequel, why should the original alien from the first movie be in it to give it a point? That specific alien wasn't in the second movie, was that pointless too? lol. It's about time the story went beyond the alien, beyond Ripley even if it means going before them. Personally, I can't wait.
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