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@thedude-abides Yep, pretty much. Gatsby is a really good film as long as you don't expect it to be perfect. Leo and Edgerton were both great here. I was really surprised by how good Edgerton was.
@dan1 @thedude-abides Dan's right. It's not always about the reviews either. Brian always looks for the most dedicated members too, and you're extremely dedicated to the site.
@mr-k Blue Sky actually has as much potential as Dreamworks or Pixar. You're right, instead of focusing on the same set of characters if they decided to branch out more they'd be a much more well-known name. Maybe in a few years.
@mr-k Agreed! But in all honesty, I thought Ice Age 4 was cute. It wasn't great or anything ground-breaking, but for a sequel it was all it needed to be; simple. But I hope a 5th isn't in store. At least not any time soon.
@mr-k Oh sweet man! I look forward to your review, or thoughts! I've been back and forth with my feelings on EPIC. It looks good...but I'm afraid it'll be a real miss. It's not getting much attention either, so who knows, it could end up being a sleeper hit. One things for sure though, that animation is beautiful.
@mr-k Oh sh*t! I'm honored man! Thanks a bunch XD
@mr-k Yeah dude, it's a really good movie. If you haven't read the book you might enjoy it even more than I did..

Also: I'm pretty sure Epic is one week from Friday my friend, so if you mixed the dates up you might be able to do Star Trek and Gatsby instead :P
@thedude-abides Awesome review dude. This is at my theater. I was gonna see it today but I decided to see Gatsby first. I'll have to this before the weekend. :)

Great insight, always.

Where's that red stamp, MW?
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"The Good, the Bad, and the Gatsby! The Great Gatsby is a film I liked so much that I almost hated it for not being perfect."
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@ejk1 Sept 27th?! I feel like this day will never come..
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The premise behind this actually intrigues me a bit. I'll wait on a trailer.
Figured this article would get more attention.
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Man of Steel has had better advertising than TDKR did. TDKR had horrible posters
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