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"Welcome to the Rileys" is a movie that I think surpassed every expectation. I know this comment will look alot like a review of movie, but I want to express why I love this movie so much, and that's why I would love to win this contest!

"Welcome to the Rileys" It's unbelievable how one low budget movie, with a cast of basically only 3 people, can get touch very realistic life situations that are very hard to think about but absolutely true and amazingly portrayed and believable. So many emotions from the cast and great performances that make this movie one of the best I have ever seen.

James Gandolfini is an amazing actor. I always thought his looks to be of that of a tough man, but in "Welcome to the Rileys" he showed how he can be the total opposite. He did not only show his "good" side. He portrayed a helper and protector, but most of all, a father figure to a girl needed it.

Melissa Leo is a remarkable actress. Her acting skills, are very well expressed in this movie. She went from grieving,  to facing all of her fears, to helping and understanding. She even had some scenes that were kind of funny to me. I am so glad she is getting recognizion for her acting. She's nominated for and Oscar! 

And Kristen Stewart, who is known to the world as "Bella Swan" in Twilight Saga. I have seen the Twilight movies, and this role is a whole lot different. I am so glad that she want to be in movies like these. She plays a completely broken, lost young woman. Needless to say, she put on an unbelievable performance. It's easy to forget the real actor behind the character when it's so well played.

In conclussion, I love and respect all of these 3 actors very much. It would be and honor (and also a dream come true) to have a poster that is signed by them!

andddd I love the movie!

Good luck to everybody!
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