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This movie definitely deserves it! Looking forward to the future of the franchise.
Why is Jessica Chastain gonna canceled one of the biggest movies next year for something else that we're not gonna probably watched?
As always, Tom Cruise has to push away another movie as if it was katie Holmes. No point on pushing back movies, most movies push back still sucks. Example: Dragonball Evolution
Ha! The Facebook scene has already happened. I have him in my friend's list. lol
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Me and my brother r looking forward to this!
He looks mentally ill in this picture. Even though u can tell, he wasn't expecting a picture taken.
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This guy making madd movies at once! Ciudad, Hercules, fast and the Furious 6 & 7, Journey 3, and a Michael Bay film with Mark Wahlberg.
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Sequels are great, but don't exaggerate it!
lol @ejk1 NA NA NA NA! BATMAN!@Dan Awesome conclusion@Bawnian-Dexeus
Unlike most orchestrator, Hans always does something different. Never just alternates the scores for the sequel. If u listen to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, it feels like ur watching completely different movies, not sequels.
Thumbs up on this picture!
Why r u guys commenting about comic books? This story has nothin to do with issues.
M. Night has gotten a lot of chances for a comeback and still failed! Smh
Finally another sequeal!
For once, she doesn't look like a sleazy, paled, coked-up, girl. lol
Hugh Jackman (European actor) did a good job playing Wolverine so this could work.
U kno that girl is making more money than that other kid's family now....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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