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@writer220 Well, I think it depends on the character whether an actor should change his or her looks and to what extent. But no, he doesn't have the same hairstyle in that one :)
@writer220 Have you seen Boy A? It's a great movie and he is brilliant in it. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you give it a try.
Now that is one exciting trailer!
@thedude1 I hardly think you can compare The Rhino to what they did with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. The Rhino was just a cameo and it was true to the source material.

When I watch the movie I get the impression that they originally had a strong and a bit more focused script, but Sony came in and added lots of stuff that would be build on in later sequels (something I also think that some of the Marvel movies suffer from) thus making it a bit more messy and unfocused. That being said I think people are being too harsh on it. Personally I really like it and I think its strengths outweigh its weaknesses (for the most part). One huge thing I have to appluad it for is for actually having some genuine heartfelt and emotional moments - something very superhero movies has had in my opinion.
@writer220 Uhhh, I can recall some lines. And no they are not 'dead wrong'. Their opinion is just different from yours (there is a difference I believe)
Agent-Cooper wrote a comment about the news item Dumb and Dumber To Trailer Is Here!
I love the first one and I really hope the next one is gonna be good, but I have to admit... That look's pretty bad. I liked the brief shot of them parked on the middle of the road and the joke with the phones were okay I guess, but the rest I just really didn't like. The cat and the old lady jokes were the worst. I'm really hoping that it is just a terrible trailer and the movie is miles above in quality, but that is probably naive thinking. Regardless there will probably be a couple of amusing/decent moments sprinkled through out (Jim Carrey is never the weak link in any movie).
He was great in The Young Ones. Probably my favorite character. He had great comedic skills and timing. RIP
@rocknrolla Funny you should mention Max Payne since I often cite that as one of the biggest disapointments when it comes to movie adaptations of games. Much of the games sort of plays like a movie anyway and is in many ways just a very action packed film noir. It should have been relatively straight forward and it still boggles me how they were able to mess it up so much.

Like you I also think that either Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman would be spot on as Solid Snake, but I kind of hope that won't happen since I don't want them to be associated with what is most likely gonna be a bad film and a waste of their time.
I hate to be a negative nancy, but given how bad a track record there is of game to movie adapatations, and how complex, detailed and sometimes convoluted story there is in the Metal Gear Solid games then this is probably gonna be pretty terrible (or simply okay at best).
That is obviously just Bryan Cranston having a bit of fun with people. No reason to put too much into it
Agent-Cooper wrote a comment about the news item Brad Pitt to Star in True Detective Season 2?
@littlerivers That would be so very, very awesome. That guy deserves a comeback
I don't exactly think they have confirmed that Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be Andrews last one. There has been some talk, yes, but it hasn't been officially confirmed as far as I know.
@MadTatter730 I haven't read the Miles Morales storyline so as of now I'm neither for or against the possibility of adapting it to the big screen (but I do think it sounds kind of interesting).

It's just that your rather short comment with "garfield needs to stfu" wasn't exactly the most informative or insightful post.
@MadTatter730 So what is your problem?
I was pleasantly surprised of Dredd. Would love to see a sequel.
@thedude1 A lot of the Marvel movies have been pretty average as well. Aside from a few duds (Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3 and Origins: Wolverine) I think Sony and Fox have a pretty good track record. And if you look past Nolans Batman trilogy (which I do believe is some of the best comic book movies ever), Warner Brothers/DC haven't really had great luck adapting comic books for quite some time (the opinion on Man of Steel is very split).
Looks like they are subtly trying to incorporate some of Patrick Stewarts facial characteristics on to Mcavoy.
The Scarlett Johansson one is not too good. A werid stance, and has obviously been heavily photoshop'ed. I know, every poster has some 'touch up', but here it is just too obvious.
Are we sure that is a new job? She also worked at Oscorp in the first Amazing Spider-Man


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